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  1. The Corsair Experience 4 DVD Set
  2. "Royal Air Force at War" double-DVD
  3. Rules, Guidelines and Tips
  4. DVD advice?
  5. Piece of Cake
  6. Der Untergang
  7. Time to love, time to die .
  8. My Air Combat movies list - additions are welcome
  9. Twelve O'clock High!
  10. The Way to the Stars (question)
  11. The Hill (with Sean Connery)
  12. The War Lover, with Steve McQueen
  13. "Tmavomodrý svet" ("Dark Blue World")
  14. The Memphis Belle and other movies on the net
  15. New Flight Crew Movie
  16. Republic P47 'Dottie Mae' TV documentry
  17. Movie "Kanaljäger" Part 1
  18. name that plane
  19. award ceremony in Slovakia
  20. Part 4, Kanaljägerseries.
  21. Die Luftbrücke - Nur der Himmel war frei
  22. Die Luftbrücke - Nur der Himmel war frei
  23. Kampfgeschwader Lützow
  24. New DVD release - Pacific Theater USAAF action!
  25. 1 GB Videos
  26. New US TV Doc. available in PAL video
  27. New RAF/Battle of Britain DVD ...
  28. DVD's with historical footage produced by Italian AF
  29. Dark blue world
  30. Im after m'aidez (mayday!)
  31. Code Guardian
  32. Flightsimulator movie
  33. some recent films
  34. Political Correctness and war movies
  35. "History" and the History Channel
  36. T.V Series 'Combat'
  37. Documenting the history of our World War II Veterans
  38. The Spitfire and the Camel Video
  39. three great documentaries to watch...
  40. dogfight over the Aegean sea
  41. "Stalingrad", by Thomas Kretschmann
  42. Wolfe killed by a deserter
  43. WWII Training Film Satire
  44. Chino airshow
  45. Saw Valkayrie last night...not bad...though Buchons were used.
  46. Operation chariot
  47. Clash of Wings
  48. Honoring a friend with a TV show?
  49. Tech documentation for I-16 M-63
  50. Tmavomodrý svet (Dark Blue World) movie props
  51. Swoop of Death
  52. Tech documentation for I-15bis (M25)
  53. Can You Contribute to USAAF Film Project?
  54. Battle of Britain DVD Boxset????
  55. Favourite War Film
  56. Dig 1940
  57. Links here to "Checkertails" Part 1 of Mysticpuma's Documentary
  58. Does anyone have a copy of BATTLE TAXI?
  59. Twelve O'clock High TV Series
  60. participants needed for documentary
  61. Operation Crossbow Documentary BBC2
  62. Link to BBC Program "Operation Crossbow"
  63. Lonesome Dove. A Western masterpiece.
  64. The Skunk works P-791 AIRSHIP PROJECT
  65. Russian war aviation
  66. "3D Spies of World War II" New Documentary on Nova
  67. Red Tails
  68. Cliffs of Dover Flight Sim MOVIE COMPETITION
  69. Movie Inquiry
  70. The German 10minute short dogfighting in 1940
  71. Hundreds of movies to download (legally)
  72. I WW film
  73. The Admiral
  74. Finnish Air Force Film Footage
  75. Anybody seen Fortress?
  76. Video from the Camarillo Airshow 2012 includes P-51/P-47/P-38/P-40 and FW-190 + more
  77. 8th Air Force mini-series
  78. Official Foyle's War TV Series Research Request.
  79. TARGET FOR TODAY - B17 in action
  80. Looking for documentary about Operation Tidal Wave 1943
  81. AVG/Flying Tiger Documentaries
  82. PBS Video - "Nazi Mega Weapons: Jet Fighter Me 262"
  83. Eric "Winkle" Brown
  84. Airshow
  85. Looking for documentary about Operation Cobra 1944 France
  86. Documentaries of airwar of Spanish Civil War?
  87. Japan: documentary on IJN pilot - news report
  88. Upcoming Doolittle Raid Documentary
  89. Douglas Bader - This is Your Life. Recommended
  90. Documentary on Nikolai Polikarpov?
  91. Soviet exhibition of captured German weapons
  92. Important documentary film - "German Aircraft", filmed by the Soviet flight test institute in the 1940s
  93. Photos of Mosquito B.IV DK296 following crash-landing in the USSR
  94. Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary - selection of videos
  95. do you remember these planes...
  97. trailer for documentary about George Preddy
  98. IJAAF - wartime movie w/English subtitles
  99. Why no 1969 'Battle of Britain' film redux?
  100. Video: walk-through of B-29
  101. Hajo Herrmann on video.
  102. Video of James Swett describing 7 victories
  103. Series of videos on F4U Corsair
  104. "Flieger Grüss Mir Die Sonne"
  105. video of restored Bf 109G-12 engine test
  106. Dambusters remake
  107. Video interview & news story - P-47 pilot
  108. Video of restored Hurricane XII first flight
  109. video of restored Mosquito landing
  110. cockpit video of restored Bf 109G-4 in flight
  111. The Eagle From The Tundra And The Strafing Kid
  112. B17 Real or imitation ?
  113. Luftwaffe members surrendering (in colour)
  114. Video of talk on Assessment of Jpn Airpower 33-41
  115. 8th AF Motion Picture Photographers
  116. Video of a Bf 109G-6 and a Bf 109G-12 taxiing together
  117. Dunkirk
  118. "La Magia Di Malena"
  119. MUST HAVE DVD's
  120. Besatzung Dora / Air Crew Dora, Karl Ritter 1943
  121. The Darkest Hour
  122. Spitfire Documentary
  123. Video of talk with three USAAF veterans of Burma, 1944
  124. Battle of Narvik historical inaccuracy
  125. Video on YOUTUBE talk with two USN SBD crewmen
  126. CNN news with wartime IX TCC C-47 DDay pilot
  127. YouTube Video - Vernon Bothwell P-51B pilot
  128. Midway trailer -- 2019
  129. Facebook Video USAAF veteran, P-47s, Burma, 1944
  130. Oral history interview - Col. Kermit Dyke, USAAF/USAF
  131. YouTube interview - Bryan Jones, SAAF, Warsaw
  132. YouTube interview -- William Baldree, B-17 pilot
  133. P-47 strafing German aerodrome - in color
  134. Flettner Fl-282 V6 Kolibri Hummingbird test by Kriegsmarine
  135. Vimeo interview -- Sam DiNoto, 303BG SSgt
  136. Vimeo interview -- on flying the Lysander, 2019
  137. Spitfire & Hurricane, 30 April 2020
  138. Interview with Norman Lear, B-17 crewman, 15th AF
  139. Interview with Charles Mohrle, P-47 pilot, 9th AF
  140. Channel 5 - Battle of Britain doc series
  141. YouTube interview -- Leon Waldman, B-17 gunner
  142. YouTube interview -- Richard Kinder, B-17 navigator
  143. Interview with Dr. Roscoe Brown, 332nd FG, 15th AF
  144. Interview with Alice Jean May Starr, WASP pilot
  145. Interview with Col. Kermit Dyke, USAAF/USAF, MTO
  146. 6th & 509th BGs 20th AF -- video and text interview
  147. YouTube Interview - Joe Peterburs, P-51 pilot
  148. Audio : Classic Lecture - Kept In The Dark: The Air Intelligence & Politics in Whitehall 1939-1945 by Wg Cdr John Stubbington
  149. Barry Needham - RCAF Spitfire pilot and PoW - 2016 video interview
  150. Audio - Classic Lecture – Highlights of a life in aviation by Capt Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown
  151. Very nice WW2 footage in color + captured LW planes
  152. Richard Cole, last Doolittle raider - You Tube interview
  153. "Proved Beyond Doubt: The P-47 Thunderbolt in the SWPA"
  154. List (with links) of Zoom presentations on Aviation History - Australia
  155. YouTube-80th anniversary of the Taranto Attack
  156. Berlin 1945 (BBC series)
  157. Interview with Dr. Eugene Richardson, pilot, 332nd FG
  158. two classic lectures -Br. aircraft industry - Dr. Ron Smith
  159. Interview with Jerome Neal, 8th AF bomber pilot
  160. Classic Lecture – The Wellington by C. F. Andrews
  161. Audio: Classic Lecture – Handley Page Ltd : 60 years of achievement by Harry Fraser-Mitchell
  162. 17 FEB livestream w Dr Harry Quinton, Tuskegee Airman
  163. Livestream presentations from Virginia War Memorial
  164. YouTube Interview - Jim Frolking, 8th AF P-51 pilot
  165. Audio : Classic Lecture - The History of Parachutes by S. B. Jackson FRAeS