View Full Version : 109 Losses during the Battle of Arnhem September 1944

8th April 2005, 20:56
Can anyone tell me if many / any 109's were lost during the Battle of Arnhem September 1944.
I am in particular interested in any losses to British AA or small arms fire near the city of Arnhem.

Andy Mac
9th April 2005, 14:49
Hello Jon -


On eBay recently parts of a FW190 shot down at Arnhem on the 18th Sept were for sale.


Andy Mac
9th April 2005, 14:52

. . .and this. ;-))

10th April 2005, 12:55
Thanks Andy I ask as i have just got back from Holland where i visited the Arnhem Battle fields. Whilst i was there i visited a good museum and got on so well with the owner he gave me a Oxygen cylinder, definately from a 109 that he claimed to have come from a downed 109 by British Small arms fire that actually crashed into the city.
I just wondered if it was possible to narrow the downed aircraft to one of a few ?
Regards and thanks again