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4th November 2007, 12:37

does somebody know when and where exactly crashed Gruppenkommandeur III./SG 2 Lothar Lau and his Gunner in Ju 87? Supposedly it took place on January 22 1945 nearby Gross Wartenberg (todays Sycˇw, Poland). And does somebody know W.Nr. of plane he flew? When did he arrive from Soviet Captivity?

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Jim P.
4th November 2007, 14:42
Ju 87D-5, 141553, LAU, Major Lothar (F)/Wirtz, Fw. Wilhelm (Bf), 301FF, Stab III., SG 2, , , , , 22-Jan-45, Kdr. POW after being hit in the radiator during low-level attack. Bf badly wounded, MIA on since., RK, RVT Ost (Lfl. 6), Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #12); Obermaier, , ÷stlich Rogelwitz [Schlesien], 100%, F, ,

4th November 2007, 19:23
Thanks :)