View Full Version : Me262 loss on 26th April 1945

alex crawford
29th November 2007, 19:28
Does anyone have any details on a Me262 that was lost on 26th April 1945.

I have the following info:

On 26th four 263 Squadron Typhoons piloted by Flight Lieutenant Fowler, Pilot Officers Morgan and Shellard and Warrant Officer Barrie were detailed to attack a train in Niebull station on the German-Danish border. During the attack Pilot Officer Morgan was shot down by flak. At this point two Me262 came down to attack the Typhoons. The three remaining Typhoon pilots all got in bursts at one of the Messerschmitts and watched as it crashed into the ground. On the ground Pilot Officer Morgan was captured and taken to the Luftwaffe base that the Me262s had come from. He was informed that the pilot of the one shot down had 60 claims to his credit.

If anyone can help with the pilots name and unit I would be grateful.