View Full Version : Do 217 claimed over Adriatic on 30/31.1.44.

Boris Ciglic
19th April 2005, 14:29
My friend Schenk supplied me the information that 255.Sqn Beaufighter intercepted a plane identified as Do 217 flying on course 340 some 35 to 40 miles SW of Vis island in the night of 30/31 January 1944. German plane turned 90 degrees in direction of Vis but was caught and shot down, crashing some 10 miles SW of the island. Aircraft course and escape route suggest that it came from Yugoslavia. All I know for certain is that this plane did not belong to 15.(Kroat.)/KG 53 or any Croat Dorneir-equipped unit. Possible candate could have been an Do 17 of NASt. Kroatien but according to data from Michael Holm's web page this unit hadn't lost any of its few Dorniers in January 1944.
Any idea to which unit this plane could have belonged to?