View Full Version : Was there any aircraft called "Rachel"?

Fernando Estanislau
25th January 2008, 03:54
A friend is looking for any aircraft which received the name Rachel or Raquel. I believe he wants to make some research in order to please his girlfriend, and also even built her a plastic model. So, if somebody has the details or even a photography or reference, it would be very nice because I probably will be the guy who will draw the decals for it. :-)

Any help would be much appreciated. I ask apologies if this kind of thread isn't welcome here, but he says was unlucky searching all around the internet and books he had.

Best regards and thank you in advance.


Bruce Dennis
25th January 2008, 14:24
The Allies gave Western-style names to Japanese Aircraft, but there was no Rachel.
Here is a link to the list:


Perhaps some Allied pilot named his own aircraft RACHEL after a sweetheart, but there were none on either side with that official designation.


Fernando Estanislau
25th January 2008, 15:48
Of course, any aircraft with such a nose art would be welcome. In my opinion, even better.