View Full Version : Deliveries of the Bf109F to I./JG3

27th January 2008, 21:53

I'm trying to figure out the colors of Helmut Meckels Bf109F "Black 7" as seen in the Jagdwaffe book on Barbarossa. I'm not convinced that it's finished in RLM74/75/76 as stated there.

It seems to me that the topcolors have been repainted so those are pretty much up for speculation. What I'm looking for now is any hints as to when this aircraft was manufactured. I'm hoping that it might help me find out whether the aircraft was originally finished in RLM74/75/76 or RLM 65/02/71 as this will affect which bottom color it wore.

I don't think that the Wrk.Nr is known but maybe it's known what batches were delivered to I./JG3, from what factory and when? That could possibly help me decide what color to go for although I admit that it's a longshot at best... :)

29th January 2008, 13:10
Hello M8

I don't have manufacture details but I do have a grainy picture of Black 2 from I./JG3, and I also have 2 photos of Black 7 in Jochen Prien and Gerhard Stemmer's "Stab und I./Jagdgeschwader 3".
Send me a PM with your email and I'll send what I have to you.