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Chris Goss
27th March 2008, 17:29
Can anyone confirm the christian name and burial place of this pilot killed 6 Jun 44. Some records say he was RNoAF and others RNZAF; I suspect the former!

27th March 2008, 19:29
Google (which I know can't always be trusted)

offers up

JESPERSEN, Finn Varde - Lt N1205. 6/6/44. Norway


"Two of our crews failed to return. One was captained by the Squadron Commander, W/Cdr E.J.Carter DFC who was flying in “Z” and the other was a Norwegian crew captained by Lt. Jespersen. W/Cdr Carter had with him S/Ldr M.Bryan-Smith DFC, Gunnery Leader and F/L A.Chambers DFC, the Signals Leader. It is believed that they encountered some JU88s."

So maybe no burial


L***B*****s offers up ND815 OF-G

Crashed at Osmanville in the department of Calvados, 2 km NE of Isigny-sur-Mer. It is likely that burials took place at Osmanville (St-Clement) Churchyard, where Sgt Ashpole is still buried. P/O McCutcheon RCAF, has been subsequently re- interred in the Bayeux War cemetery, while the RNAF Crew members have been taken to Holland. Lt F.V Jespersen RNAF KIA Sgt G.J.J.Ashpole KIA Sgt C.A.Munster RNAF KIA Sgt K.B.Magnus RNAF KIA Sgt K.Pedersen RNAF KIA P/O W.r.McCutcheon RCAF KIA Sgt J.E.H.Evensen RNAF KIA "

I know it says Holland - But with names like Magnus and Evensen they have to be Norwegian

Confirmed Norwegian and name Finn Varde


Chris Goss
28th March 2008, 09:31
Thanks Paul-should have persisted with Google!

Interesting that the Nordic list says ground fire-loss matches perfectly with a claim by I/SKG 10!


Henk Welting
28th March 2008, 12:27
Hello Chris,
Except for Evensen, unfortunately no grave info on the Norwegian airmen.
It's known that many mortal remains of Norwegian airmen postwar were cremated at the Westerveld-Driehuis Crematorium in Holland, before the ashes were being transferred to Norway. Perhaps this could explain "Holland" in the Osmanville document.
EVENSEN - born Aarendal 9-8-1915 - was reinterred in the Vestre Gravlund at Oslo 28-9-1946.
JESPERSEN - born Oslo 4-4-1914.
MAGNUS - born Bergen 28-9-1921
MÜNSTER - born Horten 21-9-1916
PEDERSEN - born Gjerpen 17-4-1919.
Looking for the servicenumbers (matricule) for Evensen, Magnus, Münster and Pedersen.

28th March 2008, 14:59
Looking for the servicenumbers (matricule) for Evensen, Magnus, Münster and Pedersen.

Henk - I believe Jespersens is N1205 as posted

"JESPERSEN, Finn Varde - Lt N1205. 6/6/44. Norway"

In fact they are on http://www.97squadronassociation.co.uk/losses.html

EVENSEN, Jon Ernst Herlof - Sgt N5635. 6/6/44. Norway
MAGNUS, Knut Baade - Sgt N1960. 6/6/44. Norway
MUNSTER, Christian A - Sgt N1747. 6/6/44. Norway
PEDERSEN, Kare - Sgt N1746. 6/6/44. Norway

Henk Welting
28th March 2008, 18:33
Thanks Paul for info on svcnrs. Bookmarked the 97 Sqn website.