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alex crawford
1st August 2008, 20:05

Does anyone have any details of a 77 Sqn Whitley, BD195, which was lost on 9 June 1942.

At the time the sqn was attached to Coastal Command.



1st August 2008, 22:05
Hi Alex,

Coded M, Op: A/S patrol, RAF Chivenor, Time up 04:40 hrs

F/Sgt W Carmichael
S/L D D Pryde DFC
F/O R G N Laidlaw RCAF
P/O A P Tyson
Sgt J W Cook
Sgt McLeod

Took off tasked with Patrol W.21. At 12:30 hrs the Whitley was shot down by enemy fighters 30 miles south west of Brest, France. Those killed are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial to the Missing.

Possibly Sgt F McLeod but not in POW file held at The National Archives.


alex crawford
2nd August 2008, 15:54
Hi Ross,

Excellent. Many thanks for the info.


Erik Mombeeck
18th March 2012, 22:04

working (and finishing) on the volume 3 of the JG 2's chronicle, I came across this old thread and wanted to add something: I found the attached photo by a 8./JG 2 veteran. This was captioned this way (translated from German):
60 km westl. Brest, 2 Tommies rescued. The tall one, a Canadian (Lt.), and the little coming from London (Uffz.) June 1942. engl. Bomber shot down by our Staffel.

These POW pilots seem to match: F/O Laidlaw R.G.N. RCAF (POW)J/5319 ---P/O Tyson A.P.(POW)123994---

But I can't find any claim by 8./JG 2 on that day in the files. Nevertheless, that would'nt be the first time that a claim was done (maybe reported) but not officially registered (that changes a bit from the often discussed overclaiming... ) .

Does anybody have a portrait of these guys to compare?

Erik www.luftwaffe.be (http://www.luftwaffe.be)