View Full Version : question for experts about aircraft numbers located in a "gruppe"

19th September 2009, 10:30
hello does anyone can answer my question,
in a gruppe did the unit had always a vast numbers of planes or not, if they had how many planes did a gruppe consist?
thanks in ad.

19th September 2009, 12:00
IIRC, gruppe usually had circa 30 planes, later war Jagdgruppen circa 40. But the numbers fluctated depending on losses and how easy it was got replacements.

19th September 2009, 12:07
thanks Juha realy appreciated,
I am esspecialy looking for guppenumber in rumpfcode of a stuka plane that was with St.G 2 immelman in may 1940
what i found already is T6+??
is that gruppecode in alfabethal order ?

19th September 2009, 12:28
For JGs
http://www.xs4all.nl/~rhorta/jgstruc.htm (http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Erhorta/jgstruc.htm)

philippe, someplace I have a diagram of the letters assigned for bombers. Will scan and post when I find it.

In the mean time have a look here, http://www.rlm.at/cont/archiv03_e.htm

bill norman
19th September 2009, 16:28
T6+ is the Gruppe code for Stukageschwader 2

bill norman
19th September 2009, 16:30
Slip of the finger - sorry. T6+ is the geschwader code for Stukageschwader 2

19th September 2009, 17:38
thanks Bill and Kutcha for your answers,
i am particulary looking for II St.G 2
were stuka with werknummer 5136 was shot down at 12 may 1940
i have already all the details but i am trying to make compleet the Code from the plane
i know also that the pilot Dieter Pekrun was with the 9 th staffel
maybe it helps

bill norman
19th September 2009, 18:04
If Pekrun and his aircraft belonged to the 9th Staffel, wouldn't they have belonged to III./Stukageschwader 2? Gruppe III would have included Staffeln 7-9.

19th September 2009, 18:28
bill, i just have looked at after the battle book from france,
it was I stab St.G2 and not II
I will recheck were i found that particular info from that pekrun was with 9 th staffel ?,

bill norman
19th September 2009, 20:08
I Stab./ Stukageschwader 2 had the code T6+?B.
The ? represents the missing letter for 'your' Stuka. Each aircraft had its own individual letter to denote its tactical position within the Staffel.

19th September 2009, 20:27
hello Bill, thanks for your answer one step closer to the mystery,
that ? yes that my plane..
as a matter i have so look for pictures from that period who bears that code and look if i can trace any info or comment.
how did you foind that B?

bill norman
20th September 2009, 09:36
Phillipe, the information is from the Appendix A (AIRCRAFT UNIT IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS) in Dr Alfred Price: THE LUFTWAFFE DATA BOOK (Greenhill Books, 1997)