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Evgeny Velichko
18th February 2010, 17:31
Hallo gents!

I have a question:

On the raid of KG51 to Portsmuth and Ventnor on 12.08.40, how many RAF squadrons participated in battle with Ju88's and its Bf110/Bf109 escort?

As far as I know:

I./ZG2 lost 2 Bf110 with two other damaged, and claimed at least 1 vict.
V.(Z)/LG1 have no losses and claims
II./ZG76 - 1 claim, but I dont know about any losses
III./ZG76 - 2 losses and 7 claims.
Also, KG51 lost 8 Ju88.

I am interested in:

1. What were the losses of RAF fighter squadrons?
2. How many german fighters did they claim?

Much appreciate for further replies!

Peter Clare
18th February 2010, 22:31
The following is taken from 'Battle in the Skies over the Isle of Wight' - H J T. Leal

August 12 1940

The weather had improved overnight and by dawn it was fine. Away to the east, dive-bombers attacked two small convoys. Later in the morning a force bombed the chain home radar station at Poling in Sussex.
Shortly after 1200 hours Ventnor radar reported a large force of German aircraft heading across the Channel towards the Island. This raid was made up of 100 Junkers Ju88s of KG51, 100-plus Messerschmitt BFllOs of 2/ZG2 and 25 Messerschmitt BF109s of JG53.

Between the Nab Tower and the Island the formation headed towards the entrance to Spithead. At this point about 20 Ju88s left the main force and turned back over the Island to attack the c.h. radar station at St. Boniface Down. The remainder flew up Spithead, turning into Portsmouth to attack the docks and the city. Considerable damage and casualties were caused.

Having dropped their bombs the planes flew out the way they went in, thus avoiding the balloon barrage. As the bombers were attacking their targets the BF109s circled the area, waiting to escort them back. While this attack was on, a number of Fighter Command airfields in Sussex and Kent were bombed.

During this raid on Portsmouth seven Hurricanes and six Spitfires crashed in the sea and one aircraft crashed on Bembridge Aerodrome. This was a Spitfire. N3175 of No. 226 Squadron piloted by P/0 W. S. Williams. He crash-landed and was able to get clear of his aircraft before it exploded.

The Luftwaffe lost six aircraft over this area, one a Junkers Ju88, 9K+AA of Stab KG51 piloted by Oberst Dr. Fisser, Kommodore of KG51. This aircraft was shot down by a Hurricane of No. 213 Squadron. It crashed at 1225 hours at Bridgecourt Farm, Godshill, burst into flames and was burned out. Three members of the crew got safely from the aircraft and were taken prisoners of war. Dr. Fisser was not so lucky. He scrambled from the cockpit with his clothes on fire. Falling into a hedge he set that on fire, and died shortly afterwards.

The raid on the radar station was successful, resulting in the station being put out of action for several days. A mobile unit was put into service but was not too successful.

RAF Losses

Hurricane R4176 – 145 Squadron. F/O. W. Pankratz + In sea south of Isle of Wight
Hurricane P3736 – 145 Squadron. F/S. J. Kwjeonski + In sea south of Isle of Wight
Hurricane R4180 – 145 Squadron. P/O. J H. Harrison + In sea south of Ventnor
Hurricane P3662 – 257 Squadron. P/O. J A G. Chomley missing + In Spithead
Spitfire P9456 – 152 Squadron. F/L. L C. Withall + In sea south west of Ventnor
Spitfire K9999 - 152 Squadron . P/O. D C. Shepley + In sea off St.catherines Point
Spitfire N3175 - 266 Squadron. P/O. W S. Williams. unhurt. Crash-landed Bembridge Aerodrome

Evgeny, if this is the info you require then I'll post the German losses later.


Evgeny Velichko
18th February 2010, 23:12
THX for info!

1. Are there also any RAF fighters with "damaged" status?
2. What were the claims of RAF?

Some info:

From a book of John Vasco, "Zerstorer v.1":

"... I./ZG2, II./ZG76, III./ZG76 participated".

I have claims for all three Gruppen on that mission.

Also, from Ludwig v.Eimannsberger book, it states that V.(Z)/LG1 flew that mission too, and "Spitfire attack on bombers was break off". It is sounds logically, as V.(Z)/LG1 was subordinated to ZG76 and flew as its "I Gruppe". And as far as I know, this raid was without claims and losses for Gruppe.

Result it:
Bf110 claimed not less than 9 british fighters down (I have not full claims for I./ZG2).
Most notable loss: Gr.Kdr. of I./ZG2, Hptm.Hans-Peter Kulbel.
JG53 pilots claimed 8 fighters.
Most notable loss: Gr.Kdr. of III./JG53, Hptm. Harro Harder.
KG51 - I have 8 a/c lost during a raid. Is it a mistake?

Peter Cornwell
19th February 2010, 10:08

Herewith details I currently have listed for the KG51 losses on that attack:

Stab KG51 Junkers Ju88A. Shot down by fighters and AA fire following attack on Ventnor RDF station. Crashed and burst into flames at Godshill Park, Isle of Wight, 12.25 p.m. Believed that claimed by P/O W. Beaumont and P/O R.M. Hogg of No.152 Squadron, but probably also attacked by F/L F.M. Thomas and Sgt E.E. Shepperd. FF Oberst Dr Johann-Volkmar Fisser (Geschwaderkommodore) killed, BO Lt Franz Schad and BF Oberlt Werner Lüderitz both captured slightly wounded, BS Sonderführer Adam Nothelfer (of Lw.Kr.Ber.Komp.5) captured badly burned. Aircraft 9K+AA 100% write-off.
Promoted subsequent to his death, the records of the Soldatenfriedhof at Cannock Chase record the rank of Johan-Volkmar Fisser as Generalmajor.

I./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1. Forced-landed at Le Havre damaged by fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour. FF Lt Heinz Unrau, BO Fw [ ] Winter, and rest of crew unhurt. Aircraft 9K+HL 30% damaged but repairable.

3./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1. Shot down in the Channel following attack on Portsmouth Harbour. BF Obergefr Wilhelm Nold killed (Not found VDK), FF Uffz Karl Kastner, BO Gefr Andreas Graf, and BS Gefr Otto Frieling all missing. Aircraft 9K+KL 100% write-off.

3./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1. Shot down by fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour and believed crashed near Calshot 1.00 p.m. FF Uffz Karl Zimmerman, BS Gefr Karl-Heinz Fahrenheim, and BF Obergefr Oskar Hansmann all baled out and captured wounded, BS Obergefr Theodor Dickel killed. Aircraft 9K+DL 100% write-off.
Theodor Dickel is buried in Ann’s Hill Cemetery at Gosport.

3./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (3134). Shot down by fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour and exploded over Thorney Island main wreckage falling on Horse Pasture Farm, Westbourne, 12.15 p.m. BO Oberlt Hans Graf, BF Gefr Horst Czepik, and FF Uffz Walter Floeter all killed, BS Gefr Günther Fleischmann baled out wounded landing at Hayling Island. Aircraft 9K+EL 100% write-off.
The dead crewmen from this aircraft were buried together at St Nicholas Church, West Thorney.
Wing panel bearing remains of cross marking and previously used as a ‘tally’ by the 391/48 (Hampshire) Searchlight Battery now in the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.

6./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1. Ditched in the Channel following attack on Ventnor RDF station 12.20 p.m. FF Oberlt Hans-Joachim Flegel, BO Gefr Emil Rückert, BF Obergefr Reinhold Rener, and BS Uffz Josef Berghammer all missing. Aircraft 100% write-off.

Stab III./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (7073). Returned damaged by fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Major Walter Marienfeld (Gruppenkommandeur), BF Fw Josef Dorn, and BS Uffz [ ] Roth all unhurt, BO Lt Hans Schweisgut slightly wounded. Aircraft 9K+ED 10% damaged - repairable.

8./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (5063). Failed to return from attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Oberlt Wilhelm Nölken, BO Oberfw Georg Kessel, and BS Fw Philipp Velten all killed, BF Fw Otto Gundlach missing. Aircraft 9K+AS 100% write-off.

8./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (4078). Tail shot off by AA fire from French gunnery training ship Courbet and broke up during attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Oberlt Eberhard Wildermuth, BO Oberlt Otto Stärk, and BF Uffz Heinz Droese all baled out and captured unhurt, BS Uffz Konrad Rösch missing. Aircraft 9K+BS 100% write-off.
Pedal control lever, parachute silk and shroud lines recovered from bottom of harbour now in the Hawkinge Aeronautical Trust collection believed to be from this aircraft. Pair of binoculars and propeller assembly recovered by the Wealden Aviation Archaeological Group now in the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.

8./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (5072). Missing following attack by RAF fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Lt Paul Seidel, BO Oberfw Fritz Lukoschuss, BF Uffz Heinrich Fischer all killed, BS Sonderfhr Ulrich Bigalke missing. Aircraft 9K+FS 100% write-off.

9./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (5052). Failed to return from attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Fw Adolf Schuss, BO Gefr Herbert Storeck, BF Gefr Alfred Merker, and BS Gefr Siebo Nostel all missing. Aircraft 9K+LT 100% write-off.

9./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (7091). Shot down by fighters during attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. FF Lt Heinrich Höchstetter, BO Uffz Gottfried Noack, BS Uffz Alfred Stahr, and BF Uffz Otto Noack all missing. Aircraft 9K+HT 9K+KT 100% write-off.

9./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (5042). Forced-landed at Le Havre damaged by fighters over the Isle of Wight following attack on Portsmouth Harbour 12.10 p.m. BS Sonderfhr Hugo Engel (of Lw.Kr.Ber.Komp.5) badly wounded, FF Lt Kurt Capesius, BO Uffz [ ] Kraus, and BF Obergefr Alfred Knoth all unhurt. Aircraft 9K+AT 30% damaged but repairable.

Evgeny Velichko
19th February 2010, 18:26
Thank You Peter very much!

21st February 2010, 13:13
Hurricanes lost from 145sq.
Should P3736 not read;- P3391. Sgt J. Kwiecinki. Missing.
P3736 severly damaged by Spitfire and force-landed at Westhampnett. F/L A.H. Boyd. Unhurt.