View Full Version : Loss of Uffz. Ludwig Mang over England - 19th August 1942

26th June 2010, 12:44

Could anyone provide details over the loss of Uffz. Ludwig Mang who was killed over Portsmouth, England on the 19th August 1942.

I am aware that was the date of the Dieppe raid.

Could anyone provide information concerning unit, aircraft and how the aircraft was brought down?

Many thanks



Brian Bines
26th June 2010, 13:26
Bs Uffz Ludwig Mang of KFG106 shot in combat over Kanal on 19th Aug buried Chateaudun , looks like the Ju88 made it back. A Bm of KG2 Anton Mang was tken POW on 22/23-8-42.

In another entry for 19th Aug. it shows Ju88 of KFG106 140078 20% damaged in Emergency landing at Chateaudun following Feindbeschuss, it does not state this was Ludwig Mangs aircraft his may have been hit with only minor damage.

28th June 2010, 19:11

Can anyone provide more information on this unit?

And/or the aircraft code and rest of crew?


Chris Goss
28th June 2010, 21:15
Uffz Ludwig Mang (73176/118) born 5 Nov 20 in ObergŁnzburg/Schwaben. BS with 1/106. Killed in combat when he was shot in the head. No other crew details. 106 together with I/KG 2 and I/KG 77 attacked Portsmouth, Winchester, Thorney Island and shipping but there is no mention of what happened to Mang but that 1/106 lost one Ju 88 and 3/106 lost 2