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15th August 2005, 13:34
I am interested in the Ju88, which crashed because an english nightfighter in a part of the town called Idle (13-15 High street) at 00.45 on Monday 5th. May 1941. I would like to know where the plane flew from. The crew baled out and were captured. Is it possible to find out their names and what happened to them afterwards?

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Chris Goss
15th August 2005, 14:49
I have a report from the pilot of this plane and will give you what you want tonight

15th August 2005, 15:25
thank you very much!

Laurent Rizzotti
15th August 2005, 18:04
Your plane was Ju88A-5 WNr 0656 M2+DK of 2/106. Shot down by a nightfighter and dived into houses at the place you said. Two civilians killed, two later died of injuries and 2 injured. German crew (Oblt zur See R Metzger, Oblt E Jürgens, Ofw H Beeck and Fw H Jänicken) all baled out and taken prisoner.

Source : "The Blitz then and now, volume 2"

Metzger was probably the plane captain while Jürgens was the pilot. In KGr 106 (a maritime unit, that explains the naval rank of Metzger) they were usually not the same man.

The civilian victims were



BOYD, SARAH (DOW same day)
BOYD, JOHN ARTHUR (DOW 10 June) http://www.cwgc.org/cwgcinternet/casualty_details.aspx?cemetery=4004554&mode=1&tab=1&page=1&casualty=3158423

15th August 2005, 18:51
That's exactly what im looking for, thank you!

Thats the reason why i didn't found this ju88 in a Kampfgeschwader Chronic :)

Is it right, that the ju88 started from Barth in Nord Germany (Ostsee) to Bomb:

"""Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Hull.. An attack by seventeen enemy aircraft on dock installations at Hartlepool, started single fires, the raid lasted from 00.20 until 02.45. Middlesbrough was attacked at the same time. The bomb load on both centres totalled twenty-eight tons of HE and 5,616 IBs. Bombs also fell on Hull."""

If you would have the nightfighter pilots name and his squadron and his plane that would be wounderfull.

Chris Goss
15th August 2005, 20:12
2/106 took off from Schiphol to drop air mines on Belfast. Crews names were Reinhold Metzger, Ernst Juergens, Hans Beeck and Heinrich Jaenicken. It was probably shot down by Sgt Hollowell of 25 Sqn. Metzger was also the St Kap

15th August 2005, 21:13
thank you chriss

Any idea, what kind of plane sgt. Hollowell flew?

Chris Goss
15th August 2005, 23:04
Bristol Beaufighter