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12th September 2010, 15:15
Hello all,

can you read these names, please? Picture was taken in Salon-de-Provence, May 1943.
Thank you for your help.

Cheers, Franck.

12th September 2010, 17:06
You must post the Picture from the other Site. Greetings Peglar

12th September 2010, 23:05
I must??? :D. Very bad picture, infortunately. only back is readable for who knows; and I don't.
Thanks any way.

Adriano Baumgartner
13th September 2010, 12:55

Very hard indeed to decipher it..
But I had a try ( maybe others can add or confirm any names ):
From left to right and from up to down:
Von ?
- ?
Ofw Keitel ( my guess ) Uffz Suesbe ( my guess)
Ofw Geich ( my guess ) Uffz ?
Ofw ? Lt Schlacht ( my guess)
Lt Rendeut ( my guess )
Fw Keppler
Hptm Gass or Gafs ( my guess )
Lt. Dr. Swolthusse ( my guess )


PS: Maybe those who have access to the ULTRA files can help you with deciphered messages of personnel from the Squadrons at Salons sur Provence...

PS2: Certainly a German born person will help you with much more certainty than I...

13th September 2010, 13:33
Thank you Adriano,

you confirm what I did read for Keitel and Keppler. No found in Kracker list. Effectively I'm expecting something coming from Ultra files.

Cheers, Franck.

13th September 2010, 14:08

Some of the pilots was from the JG 27??

? W..... Uffz. Glabe
Ofw. Heid " Liebhold
" H..... Gefr. Schacht
" Mentich
Lt. Bendert
Hptm. Lass - Laß
Lt. Dr. Strothotte

I hope it helps, Christian

13th September 2010, 15:15
>>Some of the pilots was from the JG 27??

Yes, the 2./ Jagdgruppe Süd was the "Ergänzugsgruppe" for JG27,
so new pilotes have been trained there to prepare for combat missions and have been transfered later to JG27. Also experienced JG27 pilotes have been working there for a while as instructors.

Some info about one name:
Bendert, Karl-Heinz, Olt,
> Fluglehrer bei der 2./JGr.Süd vom 03.11.1942 bis 07.09.1943.
Er wird am 9. September 1914 in Schwiebus/Lkr. Züllichau-Schwiebus geboren, überlebt das Kriegsgeschehen, und 16. Juli 1983 in Oldenburg.
Oberleutnant Bendert, Karl-Heinz, > JG 27, JGr.Süd, JG 27, JG 104 (55 Luftsiege), von 3. Nov. 1942 bis 7. Sept. 1943 bei der JGr.Süd.



13th September 2010, 15:33
Another one:
Keppler, Gerhard, Leutnant,
Flugzeugführer, JGr.Süd
Ab Juni 1943 Leutnant. A, B und C-Segelfliegerscheine, Flugzeugführer-Ausbildung
(A) in Neubiberg (FFS 13) und (B) in Pilsen (FFS 13). Jagdfliegerausbildung in Stolp
(Jagdfliegerschule 3). 1941 beim JG 27. Ab Januar 1943 bei der JGr.Süd als Jagdlehrer.
Standort: Salon de Provence, anschließend bei der Reichsverteidigung in Fels am Wagram
(I./JG 27). 12 Luftsiege, davon 6 Viermot. EK I und EK II, Ehrenpokal und Verwundetenab-
zeichen in Silber. Ab Herbst 1944 als technischer Offizier bei der Verbandsführerschule des
Generals der Jagdflieger in Königsberg/Neumarkt. Kriegsende in Bad Wörishofen.

Together with Klaus Fischer we have collected since several years some information specially about JGr. Süd members. There should be information also about some other members of your picture in our collection.

Greetings from bavaria

13th September 2010, 17:37
I agree about the connection with JG27.
If the signature 8th down on the right is Hptm. Lass then this photo was taken for the event of his promotion to Hptm. And transfer to Stab JaFu Norwegian on 7 May 43.
The following is my best guess on the signatures and how they fit in with what I’ve got.
R1. ????
R2. ????
R3. Ofw. Alfred Heidel - prev Fw. 4./JG27 WIA 7 Nov 42 – next Ofw. 4./JG27 MIA 26 Dec 44
R4. ????
R5. Ofw. Karl Mentnich – prev Ofw. 3./JG27 claim 2 Nov 42 – next Ofw. 4./JG27 claim 11 Jan 44
R6. Ltn. Karl-Heinz Bendert – known instructor 2/JGr Sud 3 Nov 42 to 7 Jul 43
R7. Fw. Gerhard Keppler – prev Fw. 1./JG27 claim 1 Nov 42 – next Ltn. 2./JG27 claim 1 Oct 43 (known see DB601E comment)
R8. Hptm. Hans Lass – known Oblt. Stflkptn 2./JGr Sud Jun 42 to 7 May 43 (promoted Hptm & posted to JaFu Norwegian)
R9. ????

L1. Ofw. Hans Scheibe – prev Fw. 7./JG27 claim 21 Aug 41 – fate ??
L2. Ofw. Artur Liebhold – prev Fw. 8./JG27 claim 5 Sep 42 – fate ??
L3. Ltn. Arthur Schacht – prev Ltn. 4./JG27 claim 30 Oct 41 – fate ??

Maybe DB601E can check the database to check if these pilots served in JGr Sud



13th September 2010, 18:05

got info and details for:
R3 Heidel, Alfred, Oberfeldwebel, 2./JGr.Süd
R5 ???
R6 Bendert, Karl-Heinz, Oberleutnant, 2./JGr.Süd
R7 Keppler, Gerhard, Leutnant, Jagdlehrer, JGr.Süd
R8 Lass, Hans, Oberleutnant, Staffelkapitän, 2./ErgJGr.Süd, 2./JGr. Süd
R9 Strothotte Oberleutnant und Offizier zur besonderen Verwendung (z.b.V.), He signed the flightbook of a missing 2./JGr. Süd Pilot.

L1 Closest i have is: Schober, Wilhelm, Unteroffizier, 2./JGr.Süd

This is what i have right know, we have identified about 520 pilots serving in these units (JGr. Süd and JGr 200), but it is very hard to collect them all in an almost complete summary, as for this units you will not find a lot of documents. Another problem is the fact, that most pilots served only a few weeks in this unit. Maybe we have to add some more :-)

I have asked also Klaus Fischer, to "decode" if possible some other names, maybe we can ad some more information.



13th September 2010, 18:56
Hello all,

finally we are going somewhere, and of course it's more than possible that some pilots came from JG 27...
Any possibility to know who flew which plane in this unit? (Except "Rote 11" of course)?

Thanks Christian, Craig and Lino. Lino, I did send you a PM.

Cheers, Franck.