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steve sheridan
27th January 2011, 17:20
Hi can anybody provide the usual loss detail in the loss of two Junkers 88 a/c of II/KG51 9.11.40 at Orly.
Fw Karl Besebeck is the only named crewman i have, 4 others known to have perished.

Any help appreciated.

Matti Salonen
27th January 2011, 21:29
1940-11-09, 6./KG 51, Ju 88A-5, 882135, Fl.Pl. Orly, Auf Ju 88A-5, Werk.-Nr. 882201, aufgeprallt infolge Verorientierung. Bruch 100 %.
F Fw Besenbeck, Karl, tot
Bo Uffz Kempka, Kurt, verletzt
Bf Fw Laube, Erich, tot
Bm Uffz Hinterlang, Gustav, tot
1940-11-09, 6./KG 51, Ju 88A-5, 882201, Fl.Pl. Orly, Durch Aufprall von Ju 88A-5, Werk.-Nr. 882135, zerstört. Bruch 100 %.
Flzg.-Mech. Uffz Galonska, Alfred, verletzt
Flzg.-Mech. Gefr Knoll, Leonhard, tot


steve sheridan
27th January 2011, 22:23
Matti, thank you very much for providing the crew names, really useful.
Are you sure on the W.Nr for Besenbeck, i have this one as W.Nr2135? but obviously my source could be wrong.

Kindest regs,

Peter Cornwell
28th January 2011, 09:30

The English version may make things clearer for you:

II./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-1 (2201). Stationary aircraft rammed by Ju88 landing at Orly-Villeneuve. No aircrew casualties. Aircraft 100% write-off.
Two aircraft mechanics of 4. Fliegerhorst Betriebs Kompanie KG51 were involved in this accident; Gefr Leonhard Knoll being killed, while Uffz Alfred Galonska was badly injured and admitted to hospital in Clichy, Paris.

6./KG51 Junkers Ju88A-5 (2135). Crashed into a Ju88 parked at Orly-Villeneuve on landing from sortie. FF Fw Karl Besenbeck, BF Fw Erich Laube, and BS Uffz Gustav Hinterlang all killed, BO Uffz Kurt Kempka badly injured - admitted to hospital in Orly. Aircraft 100% write-off.

steve sheridan
28th January 2011, 20:10
Evening Peter, thank you very much for clarifying the two losses on 9.11.40
and adding the English translation which helps.
So it would appear that the Besenbeck W.Nr i have is correct.
Many thanks Matti and Peter for your help

Kindest regs,