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Chris Goss
27th March 2011, 13:26
Can anyone tell me who was the St Kap of 4/14 in the Battle of France (a Hptm pilot I believe) and who was the St Kap of 1/33 (an Oblt) when it was formed (at Biblis?) in 1941? I have photos of the former awarding EK1 & 2 after the BofF and the latter reviewing the Staffel in front of brand new Ju 88s

Doug Stankey
27th March 2011, 18:05
A review of our notes has yielded the following start and end dates for Stakas:

Regarding Staka of 4./14 in the Battle of France period, our notes indicate:

Oblt. Friedrich-Karl Runde (14.02.40 - 21.07.40 POW).
Oblt. Franz Kusatz (Kiesacz?) (DKG) (no earlier than 01.08.39 - no later than 02.12.41).

Regarding Staka 1./33 in 1941, our notes suggest:
Hptm. Robert Maisterl (?net 01.04.41 - 18.02.42 hospitalized).

We hope that this answers your question.


Chris Goss
27th March 2011, 18:27

You have got my mind working again and looked up the letter I had from Runde in 1981. He was never St Kap but says:

Maj Rudolf Weimann-1 Mar 36-31 Mar 39
Hptm Franz Kusatz-1 Apr 39 to 31 Dec 40 (later+)
Hptm Kurt von Drewitz Jan 41-Jan 42
Hptm Heinz Jaehne-Jan 42-Mar 42
Hptm Sepp Baerlage
Maj Otto Fischer
Hptm Streicher


Doug Stankey
27th March 2011, 20:44
Thanks for the info. I shall add these to our notes. Here is what we have about these fellows at this time:

WEIMANN, Rudolf. 01.03.40 appt Ic/IV. Fliegerkorps. 20.09.40 Obstlt., appt Kdr. FFS A/B 7 (to 22.01.43) and Kdt. Fl.H.Kdtr. Plauen. 01.08.41 promo to Oberst. 04.43 Leiter Ingenieur-Offizierschule d.Lw. (a.k.a. Ausbildungsstelle für Ingenieure d.Lw.). 07.05.43 Oberst, concurrently appt Kdr. Annahmestelle 5 für Offizieranwärter d.Lw.

KUSATZ (KIESACZ), Franz. (DOB: 11.09.09 in Mödling/Bez. Mödling near Wien). (R, DKG). 01.08.39 Hptm., in Aufkl.Gr. 14. 1940-41 Oblt., Staka 4.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 14. (n.d.) in 3.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 22. (n.d.) with 4.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. Nacht. 02.12.41 Hptm., awarded DKG, Nachtflugstaffel 1. 13.07.42 Hptm. and Staka Nachtaufkl.St. 1, awarded Ehrenpokal. 25.10.42 killed in Do 17 crash at Fp. Mielec/SE Poland due to engine failure. 25.11.42 Maj., posthumously awarded Ritterkreuz, Staka Nacht-Aufkl.St. 1.

Hptm Kurt von Drewitz Jan 41-Jan 42 - no data!

Hptm Heinz Jaehne-Jan 42-Mar 42 - no data!

Hptm Sepp Baerlage - no data!

Maj Otto Fischer - there are several people by this name who could be him. There is too little info to tell which one is the right one.

STREICHER, Lothar. (DKG). 13.07.42 Oblt. and Beobachter, awarded the Ehrenpokal. 01.01.45 Hptm., awarded DKG, unspecified Aufkl.Gr.


Doug Stankey
28th March 2011, 17:02
I was a little too hasty yesterday. We don't have a "Drewitz" but we have:

DEWITZ, Kurt von. 13.08.40 Oblt., Staka 4.(F)/Aufkl.Gr. 14 (to 16.01.42). 01.02.41 promo to Hptm. 16.01.42 MIA – in Ju 88 that failed to return from a recce mission over the Rzhev area.


Chris Goss
28th March 2011, 20:50
Thanks Doug-it is Kusatz and Maisterl I was after