View Full Version : Gotha Go145, Lewes, East Sussex - 28 August 1940

Andy Saunders
29th March 2011, 09:34
I am looking for the source of the photograph of the Gotha 145 (SM+NQ)after it had been re-painted in RAF markings and which had landed at Lewes racecourse on 28 August 1940. I have an original period print of the aircraft in its Luftwaffe markings just after it landed but seek images of it in RAF service.

A photo of the aeroplane in its RAF colours appears in Ken West's 'Captive Luftwaffe' and 'Narrow Margin' - but does anyone know the source of the original photo or have a high-res copy they might be able to supply for publication?

18th October 2011, 14:42
Who has the name of that guy given as member of ST.JG27



Ota Jirovec
18th October 2011, 14:58
Hello RT,

Uffz. Leonhard Buckle (POW), Stab/JG 27
Go 145A WNr. 1115 SM+NQ
lost orientation, force-landed at Lewes on 28 August 1940

Source: JFV 4/I by Prien et al.

Hope this helps,