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philip turland
22nd September 2005, 16:27
could anyone advise me what raids were mounted over the UK on the night of 30th/31st July 1942.

information such as units, targets, aircraft, losses

22nd September 2005, 17:04
In the book on KG 2 by Ulf Balke, it says that Birmingham was attacked and the biggest damage was made on "Samuel Parkes & Co. Ltd."

Three Do 217 E-4 was lost
1) U5+EP Wnr. 5482 - Crew captured
2) U5+IR Wnr. 5427 - Observer MIA - the rest KIA
3) U5+ET Wnr. 5470 - Crew KIA

Furthermore it says that seven aircraft from other units were lost or damaged.
Hope this helps a little

Chris Goss
22nd September 2005, 17:54
A quick check (and I could be wrong) Ju 88 A-4 of 7/KG 26 crashed near Peterborough; another from 9/KG 26 came down off Hemsby; Ju 88 of 12/KG 77 at Oakington

George Hopp
22nd September 2005, 18:25
From Rudi Schmidt's book on KG 26, it appears that III./KG 26 lost 4 a/c during that attack, including one crashing in Belgium. But, no a/c ID given.
5./KG 54 also mentioned the loss of one a/c in this attack, with the a/c crashing over Malmedy, with 3 dead and 1 missing. No reason, no a/c ID.

Brian Bines
22nd September 2005, 21:22
I thought the 111/ KG 26 aircraft were lost on the Birmingham raid of 29/30 July;-

1. Ju88 LT+CR 2086 crew of Ofw Bechtold all killed crashed at Thorney(some reports give IT+HR).
2. Ju 88 LT+KT 3810 crew of Obfah. Knobel all POW crashed off Hemsby.
3.Ju 88 1556 emergency landing at Coxyde crew of Ofw.Elsner all injured.
4. Ju 88 2084 crew of Ofw. Hennings all killed in crash near St. Trond.
Two losses to KG 2 ,one to 12/KG40 ,and one to 7/KG53 also reported.

For the Birmingham raid of 30/31st July as well as the KG 2 losses I believe Ju 88 B3+ON crew of Fw Lischinski crashed at Malmedy crew lost, He 111 GI+GV of 1V/KG 55 was shot down near Weymouth with two POW's and three killed, the Ju88's 3Z+HV missing and 3Z+BW shot down at Oakington with crews killed, Ju 88 M2+AK of KFG/106 shot down at Malvern crew POW and M2+KL of the same unit shot down off St. Albans head with two missing and two bodies recovered.
Details from various sources so any corrections appreciated.

philip turland
29th September 2005, 10:50
A quick check (and I could be wrong) Ju 88 A-4 of 7/KG 26 crashed near Peterborough; another from 9/KG 26 came down off Hemsby; Ju 88 of 12/KG 77 at Oakington
I think the peterborough JU-88 is the one i am looking for. Any more details would be appreciated


Brian Bines
29th September 2005, 22:29
Details I have are Ju88 A-4 IT+CR ( variations of a/c code appear on different records) of 7/KG 26 with:-

Ff. Ofw Valentin Bechtold age 25
B. Fw. Ludwig Drees age 28
Bf. Ogef Karl Heberling age 22
Bs. Gef Heinrich Friedermeier age 22

The aircraft flew into power cables and as the pilot tried to regain control a/c was hit by Bren gun fire from an Army NCO of a Searchlight unit. the Junkers then crashed at Thorney ( 6 miles ENE of Peterborough) at 0208 hrs on 30th July, with crew all killed. It was also reported that the Junkers flew into the cables after first being hit by light AA. So I assume it was hit by AA lost height hit the cables and then fired on with the Bren ?
According to the book 'Air Raid' it was one of 16 bombers of III/KG 26 that took off from Rennes to attack Birmingham and was planned to land at Soesterberg.
Most of this is from hand written notes so I hope spellings are correct,and that this is of help,

Chris Goss
29th September 2005, 22:38
I have the German loss report which confirms the Bechtold ac was an A-4, Wk Nr 142086. Hit by LAA, climbed, banked to port and crashed through 25000 volt cable into field; 2 crew tried to bale out

philip turland
30th September 2005, 11:56
thanks guys

not sure if this is the plane i am looking for or not

report i have indicates enemy bomber crashing between glatton and sawtry.....couild this be one and the same....details of searchlight battery engaging the bomber does seem to fit though


philip turland
30th September 2005, 13:32
thinking about it, there were power lines on the map where i believe this (maybe) a/c crashed.

22nd June 2006, 20:23

I know I know !! This thread is more then a year old, but I just read it and still have a question about this quote :

"3.Ju 88 1556 emergency landing at Coxyde crew of Ofw.Elsner all injured"

Does anyone knows to which staffel this crew belonged. The loss list in Rudy Schmidt's book (Achtung - Torpedo Loss !) doesn't mention these.
Also no mention at all in the rest of the text !
Many thx in advance,


15th December 2010, 23:09
I realise that this thread is very old but....

...I have been given a copy of a map of Thorney marked with various wartime features such as searchlight sites, park of the GHQ line and some "crashed planes".

Does anyone know in anymore detail where Ju88 Wk Nr 142086 came down? It would be good to try and match it up with this map.