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Peter Kassak
1st July 2011, 10:01
Hi all,

On 27. January 1944 a 1./Fl.Verb.G2 lost He 111 H-6 W.Nr. 7334 near Bad Reinerz.
Can anyone post names of the crew and their fate?
Thanks you for any info.



Matti Salonen
1st July 2011, 12:25
F Ofw Hölscher, Günther, +
Bf Ofw Zdrenka, Heinz, +
Bw Ofw Sieger, Christian, +
Bs Fw Klosster, Johann, +


Peter Kassak
1st July 2011, 12:35
Great, Thanks Matti!



Jim P.
2nd July 2011, 21:22
Sorry to throw a 'fly in the oinment', but there was a previous 100% loss for this machine. I don't have the WASt loss for either, just say'in:
He 111H-6, 7334, Fern, Ofw. Fritz, , I., 2., KG 53, , A1+CN, , , 07-Aug-42, KIA due to Flak. Crashed. Bf & Bm also KIA, B & Bs returned., , Lw.Kdo.Ost/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #6)-Vol.10, , PlQu. 56 15, 100%, F, B Uffz. Fritz Grzelaschowski, Bf Uffz. Leopold Widensky, Bm Ogefr. Eugen Heiner & Bs Gefr. Herbert Fleischer, ,

Matti Salonen
3rd July 2011, 09:27
I have for this 4334 from NVM.


Jim P.
3rd July 2011, 22:03
I have a 30% loss for WNr. 4334 in the fall of 1941. I think Matti's quote of WNr. 4334 for my 'other' WNr. 7334 from 1942 resolves the conflict nicely. Thanks Matti.

He 111H-6, 4334, n.n., , I., 3., KG 4, , , DF+ON, , 27-Oct-41, Notlandung due to engine damage., , Lfl.1/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #4)-Vol.6, , bei Dno, 30%, F, , ,

Thomas H
7th April 2012, 18:35
Sorry for bringing this old thread back up, but can someone confirm the information given by Jim on Ofw. Fritz Fern. Was he indeed part of 2./KG53 when he was KIA?

According to Heinz Kiehl's loss list he was part of 5./KG53. I would also place an he111 with code A1+CN with 5th Staffel.

I know that during the campaign in the West he was part of 3./KG53.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


ps. Uffz. Fritz Grzelaschowski was at least till July 1942 5th Staffel. (source: his eastfront medal doc.)

Matti Salonen
7th April 2012, 19:03
I have a note from NVM, that Fern etc and A1+CN were from 5./KG 53.


Thomas H
7th April 2012, 19:47
Hi Matti,

thank you for your quick reply and the information provided!

Kind regards, Thomas

7th April 2012, 19:58
Matti is a winner!