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16th November 2011, 20:03
Sorry, text is in German , but who can help our friend from Germany ?

See here for more details:

"...ein He-111H-16 (Seriennummer 8070) abgestürzt. Das Flugzeug gehörte dem III. Kampfgeschwader 55 (III/KG55) der 4. Luftflotte der Luftwaffe. Alle Besatzungsmitglieder:

Unteroffizier Karl Eberling, Obergefreiter Richard Eckleben, Obergefreiter Johann Geerken, Obergefreiter Gunther Ottop und Obergefreiter Hermann Erke ..."

Serial number plate: ---> http://www.vksvg.de/attachment.php?attachmentid=15791&thumbnail=1

I see that every one who would like to help him have to be registered on the "VKSVG FERMISSTENFORUM" forum for see pictures of Eckermarke and plate with number of aircraft.

16th November 2011, 20:25
Aircraft looks probably like this one fro my picture:



He 111 H-16

" ... The Heinkel He 111 was a German monoplane medium bomber (also torpedo bomber and attack bomber). The He 111 H-16 was the third standard H-series variant, the other two being H-3 and H-6. Most other variants were generally used in very specialised roles. Specifically, the H-16 was a further development of the H-6 with Jumo 211 F-2 engines, although several other interim variants also introduced minor changes based on combat experience. Defensive armament remained the same as on the H-11.
Many different loadouts were supported; the bomb bay was retained and could also be used for extra fuel tanks. In the latter case, under-fuselage ETC 2000 bomb rack was used. The H-16 was supplied with several armament kits, including the R-1 with a 13mm MG 131 in a dorsal turret, the R-2, a glider tug and the R-3, with improved armour at the cost of a lighter bomb carrying capacity. ..."

Jim P.
18th November 2011, 23:20
He 111H-16, 8070, Eberling, Uffz. Karl, , III., 7., KG 55, , G1+ER, , , 03-May-43, MIA with crew, cause unknown., He 111H-11?, Lfl.4/Eins.Osten, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #10)-Vol.17, , südostwärts Krymskaja, 100%, F, B Ogefr. Richard Eckleben, Bf Ogefr. Johann Geerken, Bm Ogefr. Hermann Erke & Bs Ogefr. Günther Ottop, ,

27th November 2011, 13:52
Thanks a lot Mr Jim P. for answer !

The best wishes for You ,