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Richard Mills
23rd November 2011, 00:33
On 29-30 April 1942, a Dornier Do-217E-4 from Stab/KG.2 returned from an attack on the city of Norwich with damage to the aircraft and two crewmen, Uffz Alfred Kawulek (Bm) and Uffz Hermann Schiffer (Bf) dead.

Can anyone provide any details of the aircraft (codes and Werk Nr in particular) and the remaining crew members not mentioned above?

I would also be interested in ascertaining the targeting for KG2 on this raid if at all possible.

Any help whatsoever will be very well received, many thanks in advance.

Regards Richard.

23rd November 2011, 02:12
Bruchlandung at Soesterberg due to Luftkampf with Spitfire from 610 Sq. (W/C Hanks) during sortie to Norwich, 15% damaged, Bordfunker & Bordmechaniker killed.

This was a long-serving airframe and ended its days in a takeoff crash 25.April 1944 at Zwischenahn while serving with Erprob.St.d.Lw.Rechlin.

Hope this helps, GRM

Hans Nauta
23rd November 2011, 19:55
Hi Richard,

According to the Kriegstagebuch Kommando Flughafenbereich 2/III Schiphol-Amsterdam it concerned Wnr 1186 and fuselage code U5+AA.

The crew members were:
FF: Hptm Waldemar Hörner zu Drewer
BO: Uffz Paul Ubrich
BF: Uffz Hermann Schiffer
BF: Uffz Alfred Kawullok (spelling!)

The Dornier was hit in the fuselage bij Ack-Ack and the two crewmembers were mortally hit. However, Ulf Balcke mentions in his work about KG2 that they were hit by a night fighter. I'm not sure what his primary source was.

No indication of the target that night in the KTB, but Blake mentions Norwich.

Hope this is of any use,

Richard Mills
25th November 2011, 10:38
GRM & Hans

Many thanks indeed for your help with this matter, I can assure you it is very well received indeed.

With regards to the question as to whether Wg Cdr Hanks of 610 Sqn did indeed hit the aircraft, I shall try and obtain sight of the Operational Record Book for 610 Sqn which was then stationed at RAF Ludham as part of the 'Coltishall Wing', and was certainly situated close to the target of Norwich. Hopefully, this might shed some light on the matter.

Thank you again for your help.

Regards Richard.

Jim P.
25th November 2011, 23:14
As a matter of interest, the other incidents reported for this machine are:

Do 217E-4, 1186, Kuder, Ltn., , II., 5., KG 40, , F8+GN, RB+YH, , 01-Mar-42, Taxiing accident., 20% per loss., Lfl.3/Atlantik, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #5)-Vol.8; KTB Fliegerhorstkdtr. Tours, , Fl.Pl. Tours, 30%, H, , ,
Do 217E-4, 1186, n.n., , II., II., KG 40, , , RB+YH, , 02-Apr-42, Take-off accident., , Lfl.3/Atlantik, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #5)-Vol.8, , Fl.Pl. Soesterberg, 60%, H, , ,
Do 217E-4, 1186, n.n., , III., III., KG 2, , , RB+YH, , 23-Apr-42, Taxiing accident., , Lfl.3/Kanal, Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #5)-Vol.8; Balke, Der Luftkrieg in Europa, II, p.430, , Fl.Pl. Carpiquet, 15%, H, , ,
Do 217E-4, 1186, Jahn, Uffz. Rudi, , , , Erprob.St.d.Lw.Rechlin, , , RB+YH, , 25-Apr-44, Take-off accident. Fates unknown due to torn off film source., Torn page in film., Lfl.Reich, BA-MA Signatur RL 2 III/778, Flzg.Unfälle und Verluste bei Schulen und usw., p.173, , Fl.Pl. Zwischenahn, 100%, H, B Fl.xxxxsing Hans Fischer, Albert Schweppe & Georg xxxttel, ,

Matti Salonen
26th November 2011, 07:41
I have:
1944-04-25, Erpr.St.d.Lw.Travemünde, Do 217E-4, 1186, RB+YH, Fl.Pl. Bad Zwischenahn, Beim Start am 17.12 Uhr ausgebrochen. Bruch 100 %.
Fl.St.Ing. Fischer, Hans, verletzt
Gefr Ettl, Georg, +
Bordwart Uffz Jahn, Rudi, +
Uffz Schweppe, Albert, verletzt
Beck, Karl-Heinz, verletzt


Richard Mills
27th November 2011, 16:48
Jim & Matti, the knowledge of the membership base here never ceases to amaze!

Thank you both for adding the additional pieces of information on the airframe, it is much appreciated.

Regards Richard.

8th June 2012, 12:57
Flight hv to made by night what about the Spits there ???