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keith A
6th January 2012, 17:47
I am building a model of Babaks P-39N and was interested in his victories. How many victories did he claim flying the Yak-1? My sources indicate just one, in September 1942(his first kill), or three in the same period. Since 45IAP was withdrawn from the front in October to re-equip it seems unlikely. Did he make any claims in the P40E that equipped the 2nd squadron in 45 IAP? SF indicates a Ju88 in late March with other sources stating possibly a Ju87 and a Bf109 too. In June 1943 he is listed as having scored 18 (and 2 group) victories by the end of the Kuban offensive, 14 of these at least, all fighters, in a P39D-2 in April. He leaves the group through illness but returns in Spetember 1943 to score more victories. A Bf109 on 21/9/43 and a Fw189 on 26/9/43. He is then missing from November 1943 until August 1944, but sources claim victories for him In April 1944 (at least 2 Ju52 and a shared Fw189), 2 more victories on 3 June, and no less than 4 Fw190 on 16/7/44. He makes another claim on 10/8/44. 20 of his kills were Bf109s which seems to indicate these were the bulk of his victories in April 1943.

Finally, did he score during his short term as leader of 16 GV1AP in 1945?



Nikita Egorov
6th January 2012, 18:40
First victory on 10.03.1943 a Ju-88. No victories flying Jak-1 in summer-autumn 1942.

keith A
6th January 2012, 19:58
Thanks Nikita! Did he score all his victories on P-39?

Nikita Egorov
6th January 2012, 20:02
Yes. On Aircobra.