View Full Version : He219's at Münich-Riem 1945?

Marcel Hogenhuis
17th January 2012, 12:21
Hello all,

For the He219 Research Project of Ron Ferguson (Australia) and I, we would love to hear more details about the number/identities of the He219(s?) found at Münich-Riem when US troops took over.

Roland Remp reports that Wnr.190113 was found there but links this Wnr. to He219A-019. As the real A-019 had Wnr.190069 - a He219 reported to have been used at Münich-Riem for the testing of de-icing equipment - two scenario's are possible:

1) Only 190113 was found, A-019 may be a wrong interpretation of prototype V-19
2) Wnr.190113 and A-019 (alias Wnr.190069) were found but erronously mixed up

Any light in this darkness - whether by Allied reports or aerial photography or coloured photographs of liberated Münich-Riem :D - ist most welcome!

Many thanks in advance! Marcel Hogenhuis / Venlo

Nick Beale
17th January 2012, 16:54
National Archives AIR23/8289 (MASAF Int/ops Summaries, March–May 1945) includes reports of photo-reconnaissance results for Riem and other airfields, listing the number of each aircraft type identified. When I looked at it (in 1996) I was looking for Ju 87s but it may also give you a clue as to any He 219s present and when they arrived.

Marcel Hogenhuis
18th January 2012, 09:59
Hello Nick,

Again (!) many thanks for this valuable pointer to possible answers about München-Riem. I have contacted a historian there, but he had 'only' that reference found in Roland Remps He219 book.

If such records also exists for other German/Austrian airfields linked to the He219, that would be most helpful so many thanks for replying and giving your support!

All the best, Marcel