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Larry Hickey
16th March 2012, 03:38

Doing Profile Package layouts for I./KG152 for the Polish Campaign (renamed II./KG1 during Sept., 1939). Staffel codes were U= 1 St; V = 2 St; W = 3 St. I have profiles for these Staffeln. Not sure what code letter was for Stab but probably "B." Can anyone refer me to photo (s) of an He111 from the Stab I./KG152 for this period?


16th March 2012, 06:03
Can you confirm what unit code you have for these aircraft? The normal code for KG 1 was V4+, but I believe that KG 152 and then II./KG 1 used 3X+. However I have seen a profile of a Ju 86G-1 coded V4+BW which is assigned to 12./KG 152. Clearly the ‘normal’ pattern of coding is not being followed (which is not unusual!!!) but the staffel letter of the stab flight should change either side of 18th September; B for I./KG 152 and then C for II./KG 1. In my collection I found an He 111 F-4 coded V4+AB, but what unit this belonged to depends on who was using V4+

:confused: Ian

image source; http://www.mapy.blink.pl/kolberg/bagicz_do45.htm

Larry Hickey
16th March 2012, 07:05

The a/c you posted, V4+AB, I have listed as an He111E, and is the a/c I'm planning to use for the Stab I./KG1 color profile for the Polish Campaign period. There is an ECPA photo of the rear part of the fuselage on the port side from the wing root all the way through the tail, which makes a great supplement to the photo that you posted. Between the two we have an almost complete image for this a/c. Now if we can locate a photo of the front of this a/c, or another from the unit Stab showing any nose markings carried, we'll have it made. I have the pilot of this plane as Maj. Benno Kosch, the Gr Kdr. of I./KG1 during the PC.

Actually this was not the a/c that I was looking for in my post, although your photo is very helpful. I've thought about this further since my initial post and I'm wondering if the Stab I./KG152 a/c for which I'm seeking photography would be coded V4+_E. This Gr. was re-designated II./KG1 on 18.09.39, and retained the old a/c coding from I./KG152 all the way through the Battle of Britain. So, if we find an He111 with a code of V4+_E, that is probably going to turn out to be what I'm looking for.

Thanx for your help. We're getting there.


16th March 2012, 13:33
A much better version of the V4+AB photo is at http://de.valka.cz. It is also listed here as a He 111F-4, not a He 111E. Visually this does appear to be a He111F. The nose is clearer, showing the Hindenburg emblem.