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23rd April 2012, 18:35
Hi guys

There were a number of Luftwaffe losses over the Aegean during October-December 1944, some of which undoubtedly fell to RAF night fighters. Can anyone add details?

14/10/44: He111 5J+CP (701697) 6./KG4

16/10/44 He111 transport flight shot down at 2103 by NF in northern part of Gulf of Salonika. Crew rescued by mine-sweeper.

22/10/44 (or 11/10/44) : Ju188D 8H+EL 3.(F)/33 took off from Salonika/Sedes at 1045. One engine began to give trouble and they turned back but the aircraft blew up and crashed near Kymi (Euboea) at 1300. The POWs apparently heard over the radio that a Beaufighter was credited with shooting them down, but they had seen no hostile aircraft.
Beaufighter 108 Sqn claimed He111 between 1640-2030

23/11/44: F/S R. Roberts (256) Ju52

24/12/44: He111 5J+CM (701673) 4./KG4

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23rd April 2012, 19:04
Ηι Brian,

FF. Uffz. Gerhard Eckert (KG), BF. Uffz. Gottfried Ritter (KG) , BO. Gfr. Wolfart Krecker (+), BS. Gfr. OttoSchmager(+), 2. BS. Uffz. Günther Ziesbel (+), Ju 188 D2 (8H+AL) durch Motorexplosion 22.10.44 bei Kymi,

4./KG 4
FF. Uffz. Heinz Kiehling, He 111 H 20 (5J+CM, W.Nr. 701673) 100% mit BO. Ltn. Walter Dörfer,
BF. Uffz. Egon Ritter, BM. Uffz. Heinz Marotzke, BS. Uffz. Werner Kaplanek, alle am 24.12.44 vermisst


Bruce Lander
23rd April 2012, 19:58
Hi Brian,

23/11/44: F/S R. Roberts (256) Ju52 --- was this the following:-

Ju.52/3M (7167) 4V+OK of 2/TG3 shot down near Sarajevo ?


Bruce Lander