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11th May 2012, 15:07
Currently on eBay (including here (http://www.ebay.de/itm/Foto-Luftwaffe-Flugzeug-He-59-3-Ku-Fl-Gr-106-Borkum-/380434954224?pt=Militaria&hash=item5893b0b7f0) and here (http://www.ebay.de/itm/Foto-Luftwaffe-Flugzeug-He-59-3-Ku-Fl-Gr-106-Borkum-/380434953977?pt=Militaria&hash=item5893b0b6f9)) there is a selection of pre-war He59 photos. The aircraft are coded 60+_53. Several sources logically have this code as 3./Küfl.Gr. 506. However the eBay seller has this collection as belonging to 3./Küfl.Gr. 106 at Borkum.

While I accept that numerically we should assume that it is 506, I note that this not the first time that aircraft with this code have been stated as belonging to 3./Küfl.Gr. 106 (J-P Foto Archiv Band 9 p. 82). It maybe of note that modern sources also have the same emblem for these two units. He60 listed as being of 1./506 have the code 60+_31 which also fails to correspond to logical code patterns.

So is this a case of modern ‘authorities’ using modern logic to attribute codes? Are there any original documents which can help here?


11th May 2012, 16:49
He 59 aircraft coded 60 + - 53 did serve with Küstenmehrzweckestaffel 3./506. From 01.07.1939 they changed marking system to unit code "M7" with staffel letter "L" for third Staffel. On 25.10.1939 the Staffel 3./506 was redesignated Küstenfliegerstaffel 2./806 which continued to use the unit code "M7"

He 60 aircraft coded 60+ -31 belonged to the Küstenaufklärungsstaffel 1./306. From 01.07.1939 they changed markings to unit code "K6" with Staffel letter "H". On 25.10.1939 this unit was redesignated Küstenfliegerstaffel 3./806 and consequently used unit code "M7" with Staffel letter "L".

11th May 2012, 18:01
Thanks. This follows the 'logical' coding system I have seen in several secondary sources. But as stated, there does appear to be several occasions where attributions are given which do not correspond to this 'logical' coding system.

Aswell as this eBay selection of He59's with 60+_53 codes attributed to 3./KüflGr.106 at Borkum, according to Jet & Prop Foto Archiv Band 9 p. 82, 60+A53 is given as 3./KüflGr.106. Gerhard Lang (He 60 Luftwaffe Profiles,) also has the entire block of He60 codes 60+_31 as attributed to 1./KüflGr.506.

I can see no obvious reason that these sources have chosen to ignore the 'logical' coding system, unless they knew something different?

Again as stated in the first post, are there original documents which PROVE the 'logical' coding system to be correct, or is this another case of actual coding systems not always following logical conventions.