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Melvin Brownless
8th June 2012, 23:42
Hi Guys,

Have had this image of a Ju 88 with Wnr.2591 for some time now and was wondering if anyone can tell me more about it? Who was the normal crew, was the aircraft lost? Any info would be really appreciated.



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9th June 2012, 04:29
Interesting image. From smaller details, this is Arado/Brandenburg assembled Ju 88 A-4 (early fin) from summer 1941 onwards, obviously with an Anti-shipping unit, possibly from France or Sicily, 1941/1942. No loss for this number is in my lists in that period, but one for A-4 "2591" with IV/KG 1 damaged 60% at Schaulen 03.08.1943, but that could also have been A-4 "822592" by Siebel or the Arado made one, after service with the Anti-Shipping unit.

Matti Salonen
9th June 2012, 08:32
My guess is 822591. (88)25xx seem to be used only by bombing units, but Ju 88 A-4LT -variants of 8225xx mainly by anti-shipping unit III/KG 26 in 1943-44. Unfortunately also I have no loss for this number.
The problem is that complete WNr. was not painted on the aircraft, only the last four digits. Also the loss documents normally gave only these digits for earlier A-4s of (88)xxxx and 14xxxx range. Later the numbering system was improved and no duplicate WNrs (the last four digits) existed for the same version.

Maybe Ed could share part of his knowledge of this WNr-system with us?


Melvin Brownless
9th June 2012, 18:48
Many thanks Ed & Matti for your input regarding photo, this picture originally came to us from the collection of Uffz Erich Brüdigam who was killed on the 21.05.44 whilst serving with ZG26.

Kind regards


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9th June 2012, 23:25
Matti, what is that you do not understand?