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Larry Hickey
27th July 2012, 07:48

Can anyone tell me the subtype and manufacture date for He111 WNr.6997? Does it have a combat unit history? I know that it served at one time with Stab II./KG26.


Matti Salonen
27th July 2012, 09:25
1941-06-29, 6./KG 27, He 111H-4, 6997, 1G+AP, Unbekannt. Bruch 100 %.
Flugzeugführer Uffz Schaack, Erich, vermißt
Beobachter Uffz Richter, Olaf, vermißt
Bordfunker Fw Stahl, Werner, vermißt
Bordmechaniker Fw Marohn, Günter, vermißt
Bordschütze Gefr Kirchberger, Josef, verletzt


27th July 2012, 12:03
Sorted as an H-3 from factory docs but usually named H-4 in loss returns , made on the late spring of 1940, many around owned by I.KG26
Larry, is the 6998 the right Wn for the one lost near Kinnairds Head on 10.April ,?? The 6964 for the 8.th. April nd , the last one dont be afraid 6955 for the KGr.126 16.oct.


27th July 2012, 16:06
In a Heinkel Flugzeugwerke Übersichtsliste der änderungs-anweisungen dated 01.07.1943, aircraft with W.Nos 6953-7000 are listed as He 111H-4
aircraft built by the Heinkel factory. Aircraft from W.Nr. 7001 are listed as He 111H-6.

Larry Hickey
27th July 2012, 18:49
Matti, RT & Seaplanes,

Matti: thanks for that. During early April, 1940, this a/c was assigned to Stab I./KG26, and carried the code 1H+AC. I believe that this was probably the a/c assigned to Maj. Martin Vetter, Gr Kdr, who replaced Obstlt Hans Hefele, who was lost on April 3, 1940. Shortly after it was assigned, probably on April 10, 1940, this a/c was apparently damaged, but not force-landed, then was disassembled, shipped to a repair facility and then was re-issued to 6./KG27, where it was lost at mid-year of 1941. The SN of this a/c as 1H+AC is absolutely certain and cristal clear in the photo of it.

RT: Remí, thanx for your comments. It appears that this was probably upgraded to an H-4 while being manufactured. We carry Hefele's loss as:

"April 3, 1940: Stab II./KG26 Heinkel He111H-3. Port engine damaged by naval AA fire during attack on mine-sweepers south of Middlesborough then engaged by F/L E. N. Ryder of No. 41 Squadron and starboard engine also damaged so ditched in sea off Redcar 12.45p.m. Oberstlt Hans Hefele (Gruppenkommandeur), (Ff) Lt Rudolf Gustav-Adolf Behnisch, (Bf) Uffz Albert Wilhelm Johannes Heinrich Weber and (Bm) Uffz Alfred Bächle unhurt, (Beo) Lt Georg Kempe (Gruppe NO) wounded, all rescued by fishing trawler. Aircraft 1H+AC 100% write-off."
Note that we don't have a W.Nr. for it. I presume that they were all PoW and that the fishing trawler that picked them up was British, which I think is implied here. There is a photo of this crew standing in front of 1H+AC earlier in the year. All a/c in the Stab of II./KG26 carried all white code letters at this time.

Regarding the "Kinnerd's Head" loss:

"April 10, 1940: 4./KG26 Heinkel He111H-4 (6998). Shot down in the North Sea, 10 miles north-east of Kinnairds Head, by Red Section of No. 605 Squadron (F/O Leeson, P/O P. E. Carter, and Sgt W. M. F. Moffat) during attack on convoy 5.30 p.m. (Ff) Oberlt Harald Vogel baled out and captured badly wounded, (Beo) Uffz Johann Duden baled out but detached from parachute and missing, (Bf) Gefr Günther Riech and (Bm) Gefr Paul Utecht killed. Aircraft 100% write-off.
Harald Vogel was picked up by the destroyer HMS Woolston and landed at Rosyth next day."

This proves that W.Nr.6997 would have been the replacement for the original 1H+AC (WNr. unknown), lost on April 3rd. Another entry for April 10, likely accounts for the recent eBay photo of WNr. 6997 disassembled with its wings, and tail removed for major repairs at the unit or shipping off to a repair facility:

"April 10, 1940: Stab II./KG26 Heinkel He111H-4. Forced-landed at Stavanger starboard engine badly damaged in attack by No. 254 Squadron Blenheim (Sgt C. F. Rose) during attack on warships south of the Shetland Isles 6.20 p.m. (Bm) Fw Rainer Wilde wounded in right shoulder, (Ff) Major Martin Vetter (Gruppenkommandeur) and rest of crew unhurt. Aircraft 1H+AC 60% damaged but repairable. (Source: A.I.1.(k) Report No. 109/1940).

I think that this was W.Nr. 6997.

Seaplanes: this further confirms that WNr.6997 was an H-4. In the photos it looks brand new, and it probably was, just a short time off the factory assembly line. Thanx.

My deep appreciation to you all for helping to put the pieces together for this puzzle.