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Steffen Arndt
31st October 2005, 23:59

I have been away for a while focussing on other subjects. My other hobby besides Lw History is modelling and I recently came across a problem.

I actually build a Ta 154 A-2/U4 (http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Flugzeuge/Arndt/WK2/Ta154_A-2U4.html) (D5+HD, the plane that crashed near Stade) I have a conversion set and everything was ok until I came to the engine.

The A-2/U4 was equipped with the Einheitstriebwerk Jumo 213 A (C) with built in exhaust flame extiguisher (Flammenvernichter Anlage). There must be an air inlet in the cooler in front of the Jumo. The Question is where and how does it look like. A friend sent me the pic of the A-4 from the Monogram close up which has a trapezoid hole in 6 o'clock position, but I'm not sure if this is for the Flammenvernichter. Unfortunately the prop blades hide the areas where I would position the inlets.

My main sources (Flugzeug 1-2/1988, Flugzeug Profile 20 Ta 154, Jet &Prop 3/2005) do not show the inlet.

Has anyone any idea where the inlets are positioned? Most favourable with a hint to a photo source.

best regards


P.S. I'm almost sure I've read somewhere about this but 2 days of searching my literature and magazine collection did not bring up anything... :(:o

Steffen Arndt
5th November 2005, 14:16
Hi all

First I apologize for "answering" my own post.

I made a cutout scan from a picture in Monogram "Close up Ta 154 " pg.24. I tried to make clear where I suppose the air intlets, unfortunately the props hide those areas. Unclear to me is the purpose of the other "intake" (center arrow).


any input appreciated



BTW the link in my first post does now work...