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13th April 2013, 00:38
Hi guys

I've read that a number of IL-4s were shot down by Soviet fighters/AA owing to their resemblance to the He111.

Has anyone details?


18th April 2013, 16:44
I do not know about IL-4s, but I do know about a Pe-2 recce. plane which was downed by 4 friendly La-5s over Czech territory near Brno-S at 10:30, at 6000 m on April 27, 1945.

5 VA, 14 GvIAD, 177 GvIAP pilot gv.capt. Maltsev downed an "Me 110" which was in fact 48. GvORAP, 4th squadron Petlyakov Pe-2, S/N: 8/300, engines: 3352977 & 414624. (No German Me 110 units in the area)

The unlucky crew was:

гв.л-т Русин Петр Никитович pilot (KIA)
гв.л-т Зворский Анатолий Илларионович observer (KIA)
гв.c-т Алдошкин Петр Сидорович gunner (bailed out)


19th April 2013, 17:11
Hi Gabor

Many thanks for thriendly fire at. Should you come across any further similar Soviet friendly fire incidents I would be keen to learn of same.

Are you able to translate names of the crew please?


20th April 2013, 01:41
Hi Brian,

Oh sorry, for sure:

gv.Lt. Petr Nikitovich Rusin
gv.Lt. Anatoly Illarionovich Zvorsky
gv.sgt. Petr Sidorovich Aldoshkin

Other very famous "friendly fire" case took place on November 7, 1944 between American and Soviet fighters (288. IAD Yak-9s vs. 82. FG P-38s) over Nis, Yugoslavia:

American losses:

15. USAAF, 305. FW, 82. FG, P-38L, S/N: 44-24392
15. USAAF, 305. FW, 82. FG, P-38J, S/N: 43-28662
15. USAAF, 305. FW, 82. FG, P-38L, S/N: 44-24035

Soviet losses:

17 VA, 288. IAD, 866. IAP, Yak-9M, S/N: 2715396, engine: 415-2297
17 VA, 288. IAD, 866. IAP, Yak-9T, S/N: 2415351, engine: 415-2530
17 VA, 288. IAD, 866. IAP, Yak-9T, S/N: 1215370, engine: 415-1269


21st April 2013, 20:31
Thanks again Gabor

I didn't have such detail.


Martin Gleeson
22nd April 2013, 13:51

To add a few more details.
The USAAF pilots were;
Captain Charles King (96th FS) in P-38L-1 44-24392. He successfully evaded.
2/Lt. Philip Brewer (95th FS) in P-38L-1 44-24035. KIA.
2/Lt. Eldon E. Coulson (95th FS) in P-38J-15 43-28662. KIA.
US accounts state Capt. King was shot down by flak during an earlier part of the mission. Five other P-38s were damaged by flak.
Not to be forgotten is that the P-38s had strafed a Soviet Army road convoy inflicting severe casualties, including General G.P. Kotov, a Corps Commander who was killed.
It appears two VVS IAPs were involved; 659 and 866. Lts Krivonogikh and Shipulin were killed while Lt. Zhestovskiy was able to bale out. Kapt. A.I. Koldunov, the highly regarded ace, was involved directly and is credited in Soviet sources with shooting down three Lightnings.
The above details come from 'ADORIMINI' (A History of the 82nd Fighter Group in WW2) by Steve Blake, 1992, pages 216-218 & 296 and 'STALIN'S EAGLES' by Hans D.Seidl, 1998, Schiffer Publishing, pages 102 and 334-348.
Hope this helps,
Martin Gleeson.

23rd April 2013, 00:38
Hi Martin

Thanks for the additional details