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Klaus Schiffler
17th January 2006, 00:46
On page 622 of Me 262 Vol. 3 by J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek there is a B & W photo of a Me 262 with a shield forward of the cockpit with a dark number identified as Green 3 in the color profile on the same page, which leaves the shield a blank white. The photo tentatively identifies it as "probably from JG 7 at an unidentified airfield in Germany."

The same photograph appears in color on page 185 of Bilanz am Seitenwerk by Karl Ries and Ernst Obermaier. The caption states that this aircraft was flown by Theo Weissenberger during Fall 1944. This photo clearly shows the number to be "5" and the emblem appears white with a light blue border and what appears to be an yellow Edelweiss. There is also a bomb on the starboard pylon. This makes it more probable that the aircraft belong to KG 51. The camouflage is 81 and 82. The Me 262 is on a concrete runway accompanied by one of the "black men."

Has there been a more definitive identification as to unit, airfield, and time?

Don Pearson
17th January 2006, 01:35
David E. Brown posted " Stab./JG 7 Me 262s - A Commentary" in August 2004, mentioning the werknummer and other observations of these aircraft. I have saved the document, perhaps he may update it?


17th January 2006, 18:02
David Brown topic was also posted on the LEMB there: