View Full Version : Typo Code "P4853" in BoFTaN 82 Sqn 17th May 1940?

30th June 2014, 13:32
I was reviewing the 82 Sqn losses on 17th May 1940 and BoFTaN has

Blenheim IV P4853. Shot down by Bf109s of 1./JG3 6.30 a.m.
Sgt R. E. Newbatt, Sgt J. K. Crawley, and Sgt A. V. Knowles missing. Aircraft UX*D lost.

I wonder if this is a typo for "P4893" ? My source is a) 82 ORB which quotes P4893 for the date and b) Bomber Command Losses Vol 1 and Air Britain 1939 Crash list. This has for P4853 was with 82 Sqn in 1939 and crashed on 10.09.39 at Cleave, 5 miles SE of Clevedon on approach with the deaths of

Sgt J Pratt (served as Sgt McLaughlin) initially injured died from injuries and AC1 G H Butler injured died later

and injuries to AC1 Dorman and AC1 Dougan

the cause was of the accident was attributed to engine failure after which the Blenheim struck a wire and cartwheeled."


This seems a write-off to me.

Sean Welch
30th June 2014, 19:08
The loss card for the Newbatt crew states P4893, but this serial was not used, as it is in a serial break. It would appear that this has been recognised by several authors and rationalised to P4853. But as you observe this was involved in a fatal accident in September 1939. A better fit is P6893 and a look through AB RAF aircraft P1000-R9999 confirms an 82 Sqdn loss 17th May 1940.

30th June 2014, 20:10
Sean thanks for looking this up Paul