View Full Version : Seeking loss details for Junkers88A W.Nr 2187 June 1941.

steve sheridan
5th August 2015, 00:31
Good evening, could anybody be as kind as to provide the loss details for Ju88A W.Nr 2187 lost June 1941 over Russia. Seeking the crew names if possible.

Best regs,

5th August 2015, 02:22
An old database I have shows it as V4+FT (KE+PP). 100%, cause unk. Sorry I have no names. Maybe one of the "experts" have something better.


Matti Salonen
5th August 2015, 07:16
1941-06-28, 9./KG 1, Ju 88 A-5, 882187, V4+FT, 1 km südlich Kekava a.d. Straße nach Bausk, Unbekannt. Bruch 100 %.
Flugzeugführer Uffz Siebert, Hermann, +
Bombenschütze Uffz Arndt, Otto, +
Bordfunker Ogfr Metrich, Franz, +
Bordschütze Gefr Leisner, Karl-Otto, +


steve sheridan
5th August 2015, 11:57
Good morning, many thanks Chuck and Matti for the loss details, much appreciated.

Matti, please find a private message for you.

kindest regs,