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Chris Goss
31st August 2017, 17:43
107 Sqn lost 3 ac this day but the Germans claimed 4 (1243, 1250, 1259 and 1525 hrs). Do the losses match with any of the German times?

Alex Smart
31st August 2017, 17:56
Hello Chris,
You may find the answer in Forman's FCD vol 1 page 101.
It seems yes 3 downed and 1 damaged. So there must be, somewhere a damage report for this a/c.
Good hunting,
PS - there were 12 a/c , less 3(L9467;R3823;R3870) so 9 including the damaged a/c that returned. So details of serial numbers should be in the Sqdns ORB, that may mention the damaged a/c ?

Chris Goss
31st August 2017, 20:27
Alex: Trouble is things don't match according to Foreman. According to the 107 Sqn survivor I contacted, it was afternoon when they were got and the gaps between the Blenheim claims is a puzzle hence my query

MW Giles
1st September 2017, 09:05
The fourth is probably 110 Sqn that sent six aircraft to Vignacourt. Over Le Touquet they were attacked by three or four Me109s. No losses and claimed one damaged - it disappeared with smoke coming from engine. Take off 13:05, landed 15:30. Appears to be no damage on either side

The 107 Sqn raid was 10:06 to 12:24 hrs and matches the earlier German claims. There was a 1 hour difference between UK and Continental time on this date


Chris Goss
1st September 2017, 11:32
Thanks Martin. Ihlefeld was damaged and crash-landed so it looks as if he was got by 110 Sqn and his claim was optimistic. With the hour difference, this adds further credence

3rd September 2017, 16:14
From AIR 25/22, ORB 2 Group: 13/6.
Attack on Colums at river crossings and approaches to R. Seine at Pont De L'Arche. Les Adelys and Vernon.
6 aircraft, 107 Sqn., 12 aircraft, 110 Sqn. Wattisham took off at 1400 and landed 1705 to 1750 hours. The following were attacked:-
1. M.T. moving N.W. out of Vernon.
2. Criquebeuf Sur Seine.
1 aircraft failed to return (AIR 27/848 107 Sqn. appendix states OM-R was shot down in flames. Sr. nr. R3616?).

Attack on tanks reported moving from Le Gault into forrest of Le Gault-
6 aircraft, 21 sqn. and 9 aircraft 82 squadron took off 1505 and landed 2015 hours.
All aircraft attacked. 3 aircraft failed to return.


Laurent Rizzotti
3rd September 2017, 19:54
Bengt, your report is about the 13 June 1940 while Chris' query was about the 30th of this month.

4th September 2017, 10:46
I'm sorry! Getting blind with age. Here's 2 Group ORB for 30 June 1940.
Attack on Vignacourt railway station.
6 aircraft, 110 squadron took off 1315 and landed 1530 hours. Bombs were seen to burst in station and fires were started. 3 aircraft did not bomb.

Attack on Merville aerodrome.
12 aircraft, 107 squadron, Wattisham took off 1015 and landed 1235. (1 aircraft landed at Manston). 3 aircraft failed to return. Target was attacked from 6,000 ft. Bombs fell on aerodrome.

AIR 27/848 107 Sqn. appendix:
BL 625 (1 section with 3 aircraft) not yet returned.
One aircraft BL624 "G" landed at Manston 1215 hours owing to damage by enemy action. This aircraft bombed target.
One aircraft BL 626 did not bomb (being investigated).
20 (4) lb bombs hung up on aircraft "Q" BL 626.

Nowthe date should be ok.