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4th June 2018, 15:30
Fleves is an uninhabited little island in the Saronic Gulf (http://www.gtp.gr/LocPage.asp?id=59025), off Vouliagmeni Bay. During the German occupation there was a costal artillery unit there. A friend and researcher from Athens explored the islet, took a lot of pics from the remnants of the German facilities there, but the best of all are the pieces he found from a Ju 52 See.

It is about a see plane of Seetransportstaffel 1 which crashlandet there on the 11.06.44.

FF. Ogfr. Erich Buch und 2 Mann der Besatzung (+), unfreiwillige Bodenberührung Insel Fleves; noch 10 Fluggäste (Kretaurlauber) tot, dabei waren die Offiziere Oblt. Kurt Pechtl, Chef Krftf.Kp.und Oblt. Artur Riedel, Chef vom Sperrwaffen Kdo. Leros

4th June 2018, 15:41
Notices fro the German war diary

4th June 2018, 15:52
Exploring the island

Matti Salonen
4th June 2018, 17:16
1944-06-11, 1. Seetr.St., Ju 52/3m g5e See, 7143, KD+IJ, Insel Hera
Flugzeugführer Uffz Zinnow, Hellmut, +
Bordfunker Ogfr Büch, Erich, +
Bordwart Ofw Rueß, Herbert, +
Bordschütze Fw Hense, Heinrich, +

Absturz. Bruch 100 %.


4th June 2018, 18:27
Thanks Matti

all the best

4th June 2018, 20:25

the island`s name is Fleves, not Hera


Matti Salonen
4th June 2018, 20:30
Yes, I know now, but I told, what is written in the German crash report.