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15th July 2006, 21:06

Which the name and rank of the pilot (or pilots) of P-47N "2 Big and too Heavy/Short Shorter" (488043) "21", of 333rd FS/318st FG, in Ie Shima, 1945?

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15th July 2006, 23:57
thank you for posting the link to that very interesting website.

16th July 2006, 23:46
"Warpaint Special No. 1" about the P-47 has a color profile of this aircraft, and notes that the pilots were Lt. Wayne Duerschmidt, and later Lt. John D. K. Bruner.

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15th June 2009, 00:50
I was researching my fathers WW ll records and came across this site. Lt. Wayne Duerschmidt was the pilot of the P-47N aircraft 2 Big and Too Heavy. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him or has information on him. I would also like to contact anyone interested in the photo of the above aircraft.

Frank Olynyk
15th June 2009, 05:13
W Duerschmidt,

Wayne A Duerschmidt is credited with two victories, a Zeke on Feb 10, 1945 while flying a P-38L, N of Iwo Jima; and a George on June 6, 1945, while flying a P-47N, over Kanoya. Do you have any information on the serial numbers of the P-38L and P-47N that he was flying on those two days? Most likely 44-88043 on the latter date, but I do not want to assume that he was flying his assigned aircraft. And can you tell me his middle name, so I can add that to my files?

I also suspect that the second name of the P-47N is not "Short Shorter" but rather "Short Snorter", referring to an early version of the current "challenge coin".


2nd August 2009, 23:26
Thanks for the reply. I have no information on the serial number of the P-38L he flew while on Saipan, however I do have a photo of him in front of a lightning on Saipan, but no number is visible. I am guessing that photo was taken shortly after his first victory near Iwo Jima. The same for the P-47N he flew from Ie Shima. I have the same serial number for that plane as you have below, but do not know if he was actually flying it that day. He flew a P-47D while on Saipan also, before the P-38's arrived. Its serial number was 43-25432. His full name was Wayne Alden Duerschmidt, s/n 0 807 269. There are several photos of him on the 318th website if you are interested. The website was set up by the son of a 333rd veteran and has much useful information. The book, "The Pineapple Airforce" is a very good read on events of those days. My favorite anecdote was about the famous "cow" incident on Saipan. According to the sons father, who knew my Dad, Wayne was the "trigger man" for that cow incident. Hope this helps. Later.

16th August 2009, 21:43
F. Olynyk,

I hope the information on my father in the previous message was helpful. You mentioned that "Short Snorter" was probably the correct second name on the P-47N and not "Short Shorter" as stated in previous messages to this site. Warpaint Special has it listed as "Short Snorter" also. You mentioned that this was probably because it was a early version of the "Challenge Coin". Do you know where I might get some information on that reference to the Challenge Coin. Thanks.

16th August 2009, 22:22

Another item on 2 Big and Too Heavy. That name probably originated because of the condition of the airfield on Ie Shima. For the weight of the aircraft and stores a 5,800 foot dry strip was needed, but the wet, sticky strip they got was only 3,700 feet long. That, combined with the engine problems on take-off that were common in the early months there contributed to many a crash on take off. One of those crashes is shown on page 111 of The Pineapple Air Force. Also, I located two pnotos of the P-47N my Dad flew on page 112 of The Pineapple Air force. These are actual photos taken on Ie Shime and one shows the right side of the plane with "Short Snorter" clearly visible. The other photo shows the left side nose art and mentiones 2 Big and Too Heavy as an apt description for all P-47N's.

Frank Olynyk
16th August 2009, 22:27
The information on your father was useful, and quickly went into my database. I was traveling at the beginning of the month, and am still catching up with things.

Well, I tried to post a description of short snorter bills, and challenge coins, but Internet Explorer froze. Rather than repeat all of it, I would just suggest googling on "short snorter" and "challenge coin". I know there are a lot of websites that make and sell challenge coins.


3rd November 2009, 00:20
Some more information on 2 BIG and too HEAVY. I was recently contacted by a person that had done extensive research on the decals. He had been trying to contact my father since around 1993 or so but to no avail. We recently got in contact with each other and he mentioned that the name for the plane may have come from the fact that my father was a stocky individual and some of the other members of the squadron used to kid him that he was to big to fly those fighters. There may be some truth to that as I can recall from my childhood that my mother had mentioned something along those lines. There may even be a photo of the ground crew trying to "pry" him out of the cockpit with 2 X 4's after he had returned from a mission. Another explanation may be that on these VLR (very long range) missions of 7 - 9 hours that the pilots were so cramped up by the time they got back that they needed to be helped out of the cockpits by the ground crews. If I come across any more information along those lines, I will post it here. Later.

14th March 2010, 20:07
A follow up on the 318th Fighter Group that Wayne Duerschmidt was with for about 2 1/2 years and flew 2 Big and Too Heavy. I was recently contacted by an individual that makes DVD's of various WW 2 outfits. He just completed one on the 318th Fighter Group and has done many more on other outfits. He uses film footage taken during the war and edits it to make a DVD that chronicles that outfits war history. I purchased the one on the 318th and found it very informative. He has a web-site at:
www.victoryfilms.us (http://www.victoryfilms.us) You can check out his web-site to see if there is anything there of interest to you and can contact him from there. Definitely worth the look.