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16th February 2007, 14:54
I have full my attachment quota- what now?!?

Ruy Horta
16th February 2007, 18:31
clean up?

Attachments are mainly provided as a means to those with no easy upload or when it essential for the content like an errata list.

I've got a secondary system ready, the Gallery, but I must be certain that the options are fully in my control, else it could fill up pretty quickly with unwanted material.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, I cannot not serve as a free host.

So even the gallery upload will have its limits, but certainly extended to those of the forum (and still for free). Other arrangements could of course be made, but those would probably involve a fee.

16th February 2007, 21:17
Very strange... no problem- I have erase all of my attachments. So there is now gaps in post :) ...

Ruy Horta
16th February 2007, 22:16
Why strange?

You appear to host a site, are you telling me that it is essential that TOCH hosts images for you?

Is there a rule somewhere that guarantees unlimited free upload by TOCH to all its members?

Are you entitled to some sort of service from me?

"Pilot" the fact is that Ruy Horta pays a monthly fee for the ISP, albeit a relatively small one, and one time licence fee for vBulletin, a yearly software update/support fee for that same vBulletin and a licence fee for vBGallery (not yet implemented) for no real returns...not even publicity (there is no website to speak of).

The returns I did receive have been a number of books, much appreciated, by a couple of kind authors and publishers. (We are talking under 10 publications in say 5 or more years, so don't think that I am getting a free library here - and I am not asking for that either).

I guess you and I have a very different opinion of "strange".

Don't get me wrong, I love doing this, but don't expect me to smile when I get these types of reactions. One thing you'll have to get used to is that the host of this forum can be a moody SOB if you rub him the wrong way.

16th February 2007, 22:58
Dear owner,

I don't need this site as free host. My own web place had 1 GB of space and here I host two web site, one forum and one image gallery. The same gallery is 38 MB basic instlation. And in two year in regrad to the host space I will upgrade it on 5 GB and all pay from my pocket!!! So once again- no need any other site for host.

On one other forum also v Bulletin as this one I have close to the attachment limit and admin note that I will get more space. But this is their policy and they care to have graphic and keep it.

No problem- the policy of this site is clear. I will obey to this. I don't know how long I will be here but I promise that I will not upload any image- I will from my side keep your space. As you see I respect all you said :)

Thank you for patience :) :)