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31st July 2007, 16:16
During the supply drop over Bastogne on 24/12/1944 a C-47A made a bellylanding near the village off Savy ( on the road from Bastogne to Hemroulle. The name off the aircraft was Ainít Missbehavin . I only have two names off the crew Lt Skolnick Martin and a man named Frederickson. Does someone can help me with names and fate of the others ?

31st July 2007, 17:24
One, of the same name, crashed on the 27th Dec. Different crew though.

Capt. Ernie Turner, pilot;
Lt. Keistutis J. (Casey) Narbutas, co-pilot;
S/Sgt. Richard G. Whitehurst, radio operator
S/Sgt. John E. Douglas, crew chief.
"They had some bumps and bruises, and Sgt. Douglas was shot in the leg, but all survived".

Accoding to the USAAF MACR database (http://www.armyairforces.com/dbmacr.asp), only one c-47 was lost on your date. 43-16114, lost in New Guinea

1st August 2007, 08:17
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1st August 2007, 20:54
Another C-47 #42-100644 crashed 6 miles west-south-west- of Bastogne 27-12-1944 of 91st Troop Carrier Squadron/9th Troop Carrier Command
Of the 4 crewmen:
1 Got back to US lines
1 MIA {beleived to have been hit by flack on way down}
1 {2nd Lt J.L. Epstein of Boston} murdered by germans

2nd August 2007, 08:19
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Thanks for the help , i have this on the crash you mentioned :

27/12/1944 Bastogne
Bastogne supply
42-100644 439TCG-91Sqn
1st Lt Hurley James F pilot ( POW )
2nd Lt Epstein Lester J co-pilot ( POW )
S/Sgt Kortas Harry A radio ( POW )
S/Sgt McCarter Marion B crew-chief ( KIA ) 35369890
MACR 10906