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bearoutwest 4th March 2021 01:45

Aviation Cultures webinar - CAC Boomerang
OK, a little advertising on an upcoming Aviation Culture Conference between 25-28 March, 2021. I've placed the thread here because of the relevant RAAF Centenary and Pacific War coverage; but moderators, please move to whichever area you think best.

This year it will be a webinar, so more easily available to interested overseas attendees.

Major themes include "Diversity"; and from an Australian aviation viewpoint, a prime example is the CAC Boomerang.

A “Made-In-Australia” Interceptor, an Indigenous name, based on an American trainer-aircraft, designed by a Austrian-Jew refugee, and flown into battle by an Australian-born Chinese RAAF pilot, in defence of Western Australian skies – this is the Boomerang fighter, a tale in Bio-Mechanical diversity in 1941-42.
(This is an extract from an earlier version of the article that I will be presenting.)

This link is to the Aviation Cultures Mk.V facebook page short videos. Lots of Boomerang and Beaufort teasers; and lots of other subjects for non-Boomer and Beaufort fans too.

Enjoy the videos, and maybe, see you online.


bearoutwest 13th March 2021 10:17

Re: Aviation Cultures webinar - CAC Boomerang
For those of you who are interested in the conference....
- overview schedule of the webinar has been posted;
- ticket office is now open.

Hope to see some of you there.


bearoutwest 18th March 2021 06:27

Re: Aviation Cultures webinar - CAC Boomerang
Hello All,

The full schedule (with the list of papers to be discussed) is now available to be downloaded as a pdf file from the Aviation Cultures webpage.

Just click on the blue "now available" link on the webpage.

Not just Pacific War titles, but Hawker Tempest archeology, RCAF, supersonic passenger airliners, etc.


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