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Eric Larger 28th October 2005 13:51

Some pages of the book

Please found below some pages of the book .

Extract 1 :
page from history chapter containing :

photos of operationnal Fw 190D-9s , tables , and maps for the location of the airfields uses in operation by units equipped with Dora9. The text reviews each enventfull day of operationnal life of Fw 190D-9 .

Extract 2 & extract 3 :
page from Camouflage and markings theory chapter :

covering the production batches , the painting instructions , the paints observed on Fw 190D-9 sub-component by sub-component . Description and drawings of the operationnal markings (unit by unit) and description of stencils are also included . The evolution of the painting scheme is fully reported and completed with colour photos of wrecks of a recently recovered Fw 190D-9 .

Extract 4 & extract 5 :

page from detail review of individual Fw 190D-9 chapter :

This capter is sorted by prototypes and then production batch by production batch. Here Fw 190 D-9 W.Nr. 211115 , "red 18" of EKG(J) at Pilsen . Each batch is preceeded by a general description of the painting scheme , the detail review explains the common feature and the differences observed on a particuliar aircraft . Each aircraft is reviewed regarding five points :

The aircraft : precise information concerning this machine
The unit : the identification of the unit this machine belongs to , why
The camouflage : Desccription of the camouflage scheme , the paints applied on 4 main components of Fw 190D-9 (engine , fuselage , wings and tail)
The markings : oberved on this machine
The Stencils : present or missing (or not applied ) on this aircraft .

I hope that you will be able to discover soon all other pages of the book .:)

Eric Larger

Sergio Luis dos Santos 28th October 2005 14:14

Re: Some pages of the book
Thanks Eric for a "Larger" coverage on the contents! A must have in my wish list!:bow:

O.Menu 28th October 2005 17:01

Re: Some pages of the book
Fine you finally found unit from red18 :)

maurice 3rd November 2005 08:25

Re: Some pages of the book
Hello Eric,
Here in England I am experiencing some trouble getting hold of or ordering the book - I keep being asked for the ISBN number. Would you please advise?

Eric Larger 3rd November 2005 08:49

Re: Some pages of the book
I do not see any ISBN number on the book .

Perhaps not printed on it

please as JaPo directly , you could order it there too .


hikki 11th November 2005 14:41

Re: Some pages of the book
Hi maurice,

Like as their previouse releases, there is no ISBN number on this book.

Christian Schmidt Fachbuchhand in Germany says that the book has "just arrived !".




maurice 9th December 2005 08:27

Re: Some pages of the book
Thanks guys, ordered it a couple of days ago (Aviation Book Shop in England) hopefully I will get it soon.

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