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O.Menu 15th October 2017 23:48

Is LRG forum closed ?
Hi !

I tried both with internet explorer and google chrome but since around two weeks I m no more able to access to LRG.

I use Kaspersky and windows XP.

Did any of you got same problem or know something about ?

Thanks, Olivier

Richard Mills 15th October 2017 23:58

Is LRG forum closed ?
I take it you mean the LRG as in Luftwaffe Research Group?

It is working perfectly fine, just logged on a few minutes ago.

Regards Richard.

sidney 16th October 2017 00:12

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?

In the past there were cases where membership of a number of LRG members was apparently terminated by the said forum administrator without prior warning or notification. That is what might have happened to you. Not suggesting anything, but it is certainly a possibility.


O.Menu 16th October 2017 00:34

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?
In this case I would have expected a warm-up or an explanation !

At least now I know that the LRG forum is not closed !

Thanks for your answers !

sidney 16th October 2017 00:39

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?

You are welcome. At least you are in good company if that was the case - if I remember correctly, Marc-André Haldimann had similar experience with LRG.


O.Menu 16th October 2017 01:39

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?

Yep perhaps it is because I do some advertise to Marc-André and his Flikr account when I publish about my I./EKG(J) markings discovery ? I found no other reason.

Then yes I will be happy to spent more of my little free time here. :)


F19Gladiator 16th October 2017 02:53

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?
Guys, we are at present not experiencing any problems at LRG. We've had a recent server update and moved to an even higher performing, faster, server using the latest technology :) During a short period some members can have experienced connection problems during the upgrade.
Olivier, if you still use windows XP I'd recommend you to consider upgrading as Windows XP is long in the tooth now and not being upgraded any more, why it is more easy to attack by the evil people looking for security holes. Windows XP users have been targeted in large scale attacks very recently
Can I kindly ask "Sidney" to stop trolling, please ;)

edNorth 16th October 2017 06:51

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?
LRG seems be basically old L(E)MB , and have same tactics on who they do like.
And if someone notices posting time stamp, not so late here in USA yet.

piero 16th October 2017 07:17

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?
I also have problems: impossible to connect via Google Chrome, but it works with Mozilla Firefox.

Marc-André Haldimann 16th October 2017 07:27

Re: Is LRG forum closed ?
F19 Gladiator,

Would you then be kind enough to turn my LRG membership active again ? I have been unable to log in since two years.


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