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Chris Goss 28th May 2019 13:31

Iron Cross Magazine
For those that might be interested, on 28 June 2019, this will be hitting the shelves-a 132-page magazine, focusing entirely on German military history from 1914 to 1945 . This will be published four times a year. For just a taste of what articles readers can expect in Issue 1; 1944 - Over the Beaches: The Luftwaffe on D-Day 1940 - Operation Juno: Sinking the Glorious 1939 - German war crimes in Poland 1917 - (Archaeology) Under the Track: Digging Bullecourt 1917 - Holding the Hindenburg Line: The Battle of Bullecourt 1916 - The Coffin Lid: The Capture of Fort Douaumont 1914/18 - Slaughter Birds: German Schlachtflieger in World War 1 1914/18 - Feldgrau: Development of the field grey uniform in World War 1.
Iron Cross Issue 1 is available to pre-order here: although the cheapest way to receive a copy is by subscribing. Subscriptions start from just 27.99 which means you will save 2 off the cover price every issue. Go to to see subscription offers.

Andy Saunders 28th May 2019 21:09

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Delighted to have been asked to take on the editorship of this exciting new high-quality German military history magazine, covering the period 1914 - 1945.

We will always be interested in considering proposals for feature articles from forum members.

Do get in touch if you have anything to offer!

Jukka Juutinen 28th May 2019 21:19

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Will certainly buy a copy!

edwest2 28th May 2019 21:19

Re: Iron Cross Magazine

Thank you for posting this.


My suggestion is to have some articles about the inter-War period (1920 to 1938). A lot of designs were proposed and built, and were sold to other countries.

Best regards to you both,

Andy Saunders 28th May 2019 22:30

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Yes, the plan is to cover the period 1919 to 1938 - including, for example, the Spanish Civil War.

We also want to cover different, unusual or rarely tackled subjects and with high quality imagery and illustrations.

Orwell1984 29th May 2019 03:37

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Sounds fascinating. I’d enjoy seeing an article about the German military assistance to China in the interwar period.

hucks216 29th May 2019 11:45

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Is there a preliminary list of what future issues might cover, even if it is just a list of basic ideas? If there is an outline of topics to be covered then people might be able to contribute images or items that they have to help flesh out articles.

messcaster 1st June 2019 20:28

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
Any chance to have an e-version?

Jukka Juutinen 1st June 2019 21:35

Re: Iron Cross Magazine
I hope not.

hucks216 2nd June 2019 00:49

Re: Iron Cross Magazine

Originally Posted by messcaster (Post 270015)
Any chance to have an e-version?

I believe you can choose to have a digital download version when you take out a subscription.

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