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Versuch 22nd March 2017 01:07

457 Sqn RAAF Spitfire
Hi, can anyone confirm the letter of 457 Sqn RAAF, Spitfire A58-633 ,

that F/O Fred Inger bailed out of on 11 July 1945 after an engine failure.

Regards Mike

Alex Smart 23rd March 2017 16:14

Re: 457 Sqn RAAF Spitfire
Not much help, but ex- RAF serial number was MV129 ,perhaps a member has some details of her while in that service. Also the RAAF squadron code was "ZP" which most likely was carried on the a/c.

Versuch 23rd March 2017 23:37

Re: 457 Sqn RAAF Spitfire
Thanks for your input Alex , the bailout occurred during a strafing attack on

Kaung ,North Borneo at approx 1610 hour.

He was rescued within 24 hours after avoiding the Japanese, with help from

friendly locals by Catalina.

Regards Mike

Source .457 ORB

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