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Leo Etgen 30th September 2011 22:00

Fw 190 A-8 Primer Fuel Fill Point

Would anyone have the time period and/or werknummer batch when the primer start system began to be installed on the Fw 190 A-8? Looking through photographs of early production Fw 190 A-8 fighters does not show any evidence of the associated primer fuel fill point on these aircraft. Examples of these machines include:

Fw 190 A-8 "Black 13" (W.Nr. 170 346) of Stab/JG 26 flown by Oberstleutnant Josef Priller
Fw 190 A-8 "Blue 10" (W.Nr. 730 414) of 4./JG 26 flown by Oberfähnrich Wolfgang Rose
Fw 190 A-8 "Red 19" (W.Nr. 172 733) of 5./JG 300 flown by Unteroffizier Ernst Schröder
Fw 190 A-8 "White 10" (W.Nr. 732 197) of 9./JG 5 flown by Oberfeldwebel Rudolf Artner
Fw 190 A-8 "Black <-" (W.Nr. 170 935) of Stab/JG 76 flown by Major Anton Hackl
Fw 190 A-8 "Black 3-" (W.Nr. 732 047) of Stabsstaffel/JG 51 flown by Unterffizier Helmut Johne

In the Fw 190 A-8 handbook effective July 1944 this system is described but not included in the list of innovations introduced by the sub-type such as provision for auxiliary tank in rear fuselage, FuG 16 ZY and relocated radio compartment, forward placement of ETC 501, vertical speed indicator, provision for BKS 16 gun camera and capability for BMW 801 TU as well as Erhöhte Notleistung. The Focke Wulf Jagdflugzeug book by Peter Rodeike mentions that this system began to be installed in the middle of 1944 but could anyone be more precise? Any help would be appreciated.



Leo Etgen 9th November 2011 17:00

Fw 190 A-8 Primer Fuel System
Hi guys

While searching for additional information on the installment of the primer fuel system on the Fw 190 A-8 I came across the Weisse Eins web site ( dedicated to Fw 190 F-8 "White 1" (W.Nr. 931 862) which includes some interesting construction information on this aircraft as well as Fw 190 F-8 "White 7" (W.Nr. 931 884). This werknummer block was built by Norddeutsche Dornier Werke at Wismar from 24 May 1944 to 20 July 1944. Construction of these two aircraft began in early June 1944 and was completed by early July 1944. Following several days of testing both were delivered to the Luftwaffe for operational service in mid July 1944. Interestingly, both of these aircraft were fitted with the primer fuel system so it would appear that this system was being fitted to Fw 190 F-8 ground-attack aircraft and accordingly almost certainly to Fw 190 A-8 fighter aircraft as well by early June 1944 and possibly even in late May 1944. Any corrections or comments would be welcomed.



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