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ginamod 13th February 2020 23:32

Aerial view

Does anybody know a USAAF aerial view of Sterzing-Vipiteno, close to the Brenner pass, South Tyrol, Italy.

The area was a dangerous FLAK center and caused many US-crashes in the sourroundings.
One FLAK battery was knocked out on 8th April 1945.

The history club of Sterzing would like to present an aireal view taken by the US Air Force.

Thx a lot for cooperation.


RudiS 14th February 2020 02:01

Re: Aerial view
Have you tried here:

Mihai Pica 14th February 2020 09:01

Re: Aerial view
Hi Ginamod, on ncap the closest photo available online for you location is of the mountain area Obernberg am Brenner :

Instead there are no less than 55 recce missions of this area available :

You will need a subscription to access the finding aids, if you know the locations of the flak batteries you will have no problem in finding several photos of these, which will have to be ordered based on the finding aids.

ginamod 15th February 2020 02:08

Re: Aerial view
Thx a lot!!!

My reply next week.


ginamod 24th February 2020 21:49

Re: Aerial view
thx for help:
I have no problem finding locations on
There are several impressing fotos from the surroundings! of Vipiten-Sterzing,
they are well known.
I have difficulties with
There are up to 22 000 fotos and I cannot approach to Vipiteno-Sterzing or Brenner line
Anyway I go on researching by your forwarded means.

Mihai Pica 25th February 2020 08:13

Re: Aerial view
ginamod can you give me the exact location you are looking for in google maps ? maybe i can give a hand

Also please specify a date that is of interest to you for the photo

JohanSWE 26th February 2020 21:48

Re: Aerial view
Hi ginamod

You can also order records from AFHRA.
By a quick search on Vipiteno give you records with mission reports and probably photos of the target area.



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