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RSwank 2nd October 2019 19:55

Collings B-17 Crash

kaki3152 2nd October 2019 20:01

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
Damn shame. It looks totaled.

SteveR 2nd October 2019 21:35

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
Sad news indeed. Hoping for full recoveries for all those injured and peace to those who've flown for the last time...

Jukka Juutinen 3rd October 2019 04:52

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
Some rumours have it trying to land of 3 engines which according to test reports and pilot's manual should pose no problems (a B-17 will fly easily on 2 engines out). On the other hand, one rumour suggests that only 1 engine was operational at the time of the crash.

Cees Steijger 4th October 2019 10:03

Sad end of 42-31909 Nine-O-Nine

Seven killed. A disaster!

And the loss of a legendary B-17.

RSwank 4th October 2019 12:38

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
A history of the "Nine O Nine"

Jukka Juutinen 4th October 2019 16:56

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
Any update on the cause of the crash? Many U. S. fora that should have such discussion are more like religious conventions with everyone offering sugary prayers etc.

RSwank 4th October 2019 19:36

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
Nothing official yet. Putting together some non-official info:

The plane had just taken off when the pilot reported a problem with the number 4 engine and he requested clearance to return to the the field. They returned and tried to land on runway 6. As it touched down, the airplane “impacted the instrument landing system stanchions, veered to the right, over a grassy area, over the taxiway and impacted the de-icing facility."

SteveR 4th October 2019 19:39

Re: Collings B-17 Crash
I read somewhere this morning that there's a total of 7 fatalities thus far and that the preliminary report on the crash will be released in 8-9 days.

25Kingman49 6th October 2019 01:21

Re: Sad end of 42-31909 Nine-O-Nine
This aircraft was B-17G-85-DL Serial Number 44-83575 produced at the Douglas, Long Beach facility which did not serve during WW II. Still a sad tragedy for all concerned, and an airplane with a storied past.

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