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Mr Schmitt 7th December 2017 10:53

Me109 manual wanted
Hi I am looking for a copy of this manual. TRUPPEN ERSATZTEIL-LISTE BF109E either a pdf or hard copy.
If anyone cam help please can you contact me.

Many Thanks and Festive Greetings.

cdatte 5th November 2018 17:04

Re: Me109 manual wanted
Did you ever get the manual ?
If not I have a copy

Mr Schmitt 28th December 2018 16:20

Re: Me109 manual wanted
Hi, I did not not manage to get a copy. Please PM me and I will pass you my email. Many Thanks for replying.

cdatte 16th December 2019 03:32

Re: Me109 manual wanted
the parts manuals I have are;
Bf 109 E ETL 00 Allgemeine Angaben1.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 01 Rumpfwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 02 Fahrwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 03 Leitwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 04 Steuerwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 05 Tragwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 06 Triebwerk.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 07 Triebwerkbedienung.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 09 A Betriebsgeräte.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 09 B Elektr. Ausrüstung.pdf
Bf 109 E ETL 10 Normteile.pdf

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