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KM1957 20th November 2020 14:58

364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
I am wondering if anyone would have three combat reports for the 364th Fighter Group. I missed these when last at NARA II and due to the current health situation, I have no idea if/when I'll get back. The three I would like to get are for Capt. John H. Lowell on March 8, 1944 (awarded 2 FW 190's destroyed), Capt. Marvin W. Glasgow on September 12, 1944 (2 FW 190 probables) and Lt. William T. Housholder on September 23, 1944 (FW 190 destroyed and Me 109 damaged). A publisher has expressed interest in my proposal for a book on the 364th and I have every report other than these three. Thank you.


rpeck350 20th November 2020 16:50

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
A 364th FG book is very much needed. You can count on me getting one when finished.
Good luck in your research.
Sorry this reply is not much help.
Rick Peck

Frank Olynyk 20th November 2020 17:55

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports

PM me your email and I will fish them up from my files. Not sure about a PER for Lowell; my notes reference a PER for Philips to support Lowell.



KM1957 20th November 2020 18:53

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports

Hopefully you will get the PM. If Lowell had no PER for March 8 that would explain my missing it; when getting the other reports I didn't pay attention to supporting claim reports. Lesson learned! Thank you for the offer of help.


Alfred.MONZAT 20th November 2020 19:00

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
Looking forward to your book Kent.

KM1957 20th November 2020 19:09

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
Rick and Alfred,

Thanks for the kind words. I only hope the publisher will do the book in the form I submitted draft pages. They have indicated they'd rather have a different "style" which would end up leaving a lot of material out which does not thrill me; I sent some re-writes and pointed out missing details that people interested in this stuff want to see, but have not heard back yet.


keith A 20th November 2020 20:50

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
364th Fighter Group would be great idea. There's not enough around about P-38 groups in the ETO. Although I know they transitioned to the P-51 the earlier period would be an interesting study.


KM1957 20th November 2020 21:18

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
Again, thanks to all for the comments. Frank Olynyk was kind enough to share the reports so am extremely grateful for that assistance.


Kaczmarek 21st November 2020 12:21

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
Dear gents,

according to the topic. I look for the combat report of Capt. Chester A. Barnes, 383rd FS on 14 February 1945. Perhaps anyone can help me with this.

Many thanks,


KM1957 21st November 2020 13:43

Re: 364th Fighter Group Combat Reports
Here is Barne's report for February 14, 1945. “While leading White Flight I saw a flight of 12 to 15 E/A coming 100 degrees to big friends, at same altitude. I told flight to drop tanks and pulled in behind the E/A. By this time they were diving towards the high cirrus clouds. The group turned slightly to the right and one straggler turned towards the bombers. When I registered many strikes around both wings and bottom of fuselage from 500 yds he lost control. During another 2 second burst his canopy came off. When I began firing the 190 began to push over in a bout a 45 degree dive. When I pulled out at 10,000’ indicating 550 MPH he went straight into the overcast. Tops at about 4,000’. My wing man, Lt. Heyn can confirm this victory. I claim one FW 190 destroyed.”


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