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Erik Mombeeck 1st March 2014 11:30

Reprint of unavailable books

A number of titles produced by our small publishing house are now out of print and several have been unavailable for a number of years: JG 5 "Eismeerjäger" Band 1 (Zerstörer, Jabo Staffel), JG 5 "Eismeerjäger" Band 3 and the Luftwaffe Gallery - Special Album JG 26 "The Abbeville Boys ".

I am considering a small run of reprints, numbers to be determined by orders. If you are interested in any of the above titles, you can reserve your copy by contacting me via

Thank you

Erik Mombeeck

oefi2012 3rd March 2014 19:41

Re: Reprint of unavailable books

whats is the price of the Eismeerjäger?



Erik Mombeeck 7th March 2014 12:53

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
Hello Andreas,

thank you for asking. I will keep the old prices: for the chronicle books: between 49 and 58 Euros depending upon the number of pages.
And for the Special LuGa on JG 26 , under 30 Euros.

Hope that it helps.


taitbb 7th March 2014 16:05

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
Special LuGa on JG 26 please.

Erik Mombeeck 8th July 2014 10:34

Re: Reprint of unavailable books

a short note to say that the reprints of JG 5 Band 1 and Band 3 as well as JG 2 volume 3 have now been delivered and are ready to be sent.

This is an unique occasion to complete your series. JG 5 Band 1 as ex. has been out of print for about 6 years and is very researched. The print run is very low, so don't hesitate too long. As reprinted books, I propose them at a good price.

Best regards

PS: if you are interested, please send me a PM with your e-mail address.

superbee 8th July 2014 11:42

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
Any future Vols being printed in english??? JG 5 etc???

Erik Mombeeck 8th July 2014 22:35

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
Hello superbee,

no plans yet for an English version of JG 5, or even a volume 2 of JG 2. I must go first further with my stock of chronicles in English. By the way, this summer until 31st August, I propose JG 2 vol 1 and JG 4 vol. 1 and 2 (as far as available) for 30 euros each. The goal is to give life to further projects... like the second Luftwaffe Gallery "Special Units" which is in the pipeline.

Alfred.MONZAT 9th July 2014 11:17

Re: Reprint of unavailable books

Have you something planed in French or a planned reedition of the JG 1 book ?

I particulary appreciated your work on JG 4 so anyway thank you.

Best Regards


Erik Mombeeck 11th July 2014 07:44

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
Hello Alfred,

in French yes. I am finishing the redaction of the 4th volume of the JG 2 chronicle: the year 1943. French version. A great pleasure to write this book: the events and the personnalities are quite fascinating. If you happen to get this book in your hand, you will be astonished by the quantity and above all the quality of the photos, the informations... If you know my preceeding books, you know the important focus I give to the personnalities, from the newcoming inexperienced pilot until to the greatest aces.

But before this publication in French, there will be 1 in German: Vol. 3 of JG 2 (the year 1941) and 1 or 2 in English in the LuGa series.

No plans for a new reedition of JG 1 which has been published in several versions now.

Thanks for your comments on JG 4. When I researched for this book, I had the chance to interview almost all the unit survivors. Unfortunately, if I am not wrong, they all passed away now.
The same with all my other JGs book, but some veterans are still with us. Imagine: the so gentle friend Günther Scholz is now 102 years, and other ones like Erich Rudorffer and Walter Schuck (to only name the most known ones) approaching the century too...

You see, still projects coming along. With the documentation I amassed, I could publish books on JGs up to my death. Nevertheless, I plan to definitively stop in about 5 years to go deeper into another hobby.

Alfred.MONZAT 11th July 2014 13:02

Re: Reprint of unavailable books
It's good to hear !

As I have the 3 first volumes about JG 2 (including the 3rd signed, purchased during my visit at Beaumont-le-Roger), I am waiting for the rest :)

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