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Jochen Prien 31st October 2010 13:29

Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11/II

with Vol. 11/I out for some three weeks now, the manuscript for Vol. 11/II - Operations in the Mediterrannean Thatre of War, 1943 - has been completed and is now awaiting final corrections before going to the printer. Date of publication is scheduled in early 2011.

The new Volume will cover the rest of JG 53 - i.e. II. and III. Gruppe - and the whole of JG 77 with Stab, I., II. and III. Gruppe. Also covered will be the air war over Rumania in 1943 with I./JG 4, I./JG 5, III./JG 77 and 10./JG 301. Finally there will be an extensive chapter containing additions and corrections, including some new and very interesting photos.

The volume will comprise appr. 600 pages, as of now 603 photos and a large folding map of the Mediterrannean ToW in 1943.

Let's hope that we will meet our time table this time.


Jochen Prien

Degalus 27th November 2010 21:50

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11/II
Danke Herr Prien!

LG Degalus

Del Davis 12th January 2011 00:35

Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11/II
Herr Prien

Has a publication date for this volume been established?

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